Interrogator-Chaplain Arnaeus

       This is my recently converted Interrogator-Chaplain Arnaeus. The parts used in this conversion are the main terminator interrogator-chaplain body, a thunder hammer from the terminator close combat set, the left storm bolter from the terminator librarian blister, the original right shoulder pad from the interrogator-chaplain, and finally a Dark Angel icon from the Dark Angels Veteran boxed set.

       I under-coated the entire model with Chaos Black and separated the sections into parts; The main body, the left storm bolter arm, and the right arm including thunder hammer handle, shoulder pad, and icon. I began painting the body first, basing the scripts and seals with Graveyard Earth. The holy relics were based with Adeptus Battlegrey foundation,  the seal wax was based with scab red, and the Aquilla symbol was based with Dark Angels Green. The scripts and seals were then highlighted with a watered-down kommando khaki and the seal wax with a 2:1 mix of blood red and scab red. The holy relics were then highlighted with Codex Grey, and the Aquilla with catachan green. I then carefully painted ‘words’ onto the scripts and seals, paying careful attention to the central script where I added some minor details such as the D in a box and winged emblem of the Dark Angels in Dark Angels Green, separating the wings with Camo Green. A final highlight was applied to the relics with Fortress Grey, the skull and chestplate with Bleached Bone ontop of the Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki bases. The green emblems were highlighted with Camo Green and a final drybrush of Goblin Green, and the corners of the armour with Adeptus Battlegrey. A final drybrush of Skull White was applied carefully to the raised edges of the model, such as the seal wax, skull, and emblems.

       The right shoulder pad was removed from the original storm bolter arm and filed down to fit the thunder hammer arm, and painted using the same techniques as above for the different parts painted. The Dark Angels icon was based as above with Dark Angels Green, with a first highlight of Catachan Green, followed by Camo Green, and then drybrushed with Goblin Green. I then attached the main body to the right arm with superglue and begun modelling the left storm bolter arm by drilling the gun’s muzzle for a realistic bullet shoot. The bolter’s casing followed the Graveyard Earth scheme, whilst the metal was painted using the Adeptus Battlegrey, Codex Grey, Fortress grey and Skull White scheme, respectively. The wing symbol followed the Scab Red/ Blood Red mix, and then drybrushed with Skull White. The Crux followed the grey paint scheme. Once completed, this arm was attached to the model and the base was prepared.

       As I want my army to carry the same unity throughout, I didn’t want to over-do the Chaplain’s base simply because he is an HQ, so I based it with sand and a few pieces of small gravel, giving it time to dry. I undercoated it with Graveyard Earth, before drybrushing Kommando Khaki. A final highlight of Bleached Bone was applied before glueing the model in to place and giving it a spray of Matte Varnish for the protection our battle-ready armies need.

       I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t used any inks whatsoever. This is because I like to give my models a drier, more subtle appearance. Any effect in the image that appears to be the cause of using inks is simply the Matte Varnish drying hard and the camera’s flash.

       I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you guys think!

       All the best, 73rd

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