Deathwing Honours

Hi all,

I was hoping for a little help with a problem I’m having; I want to add a decal or some sort of marking to my Deathwing Terminator’s right shoulder pads, but I don’t want black. I saw all the useful ideas Drax recieved over on in consideration of his Imperial Guard’s shoulder pads, and I was hoping for some input! Like I said, I’m against using black markings for the pads as it is too much of a contrast with their pale armour, and there is no physical way I could possibly paint the Deathwing symbol properly, which leaves me with transfers! I can’t get hold of the Deathwing Transfer sheet of old easily, but was wandering if anyone knows of any substitute symbols on the space marine transfer sheet, or how to mix and match them to create a convincing Deathwing symbol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I can’t help but think that my first squad are somewhat naked without a mark of honour or rank.


25 thoughts on “Deathwing Honours”

  1. Hmmm. I do wish I could be more help with this, mate, but other than suggesting a dark red, maybe, I don’t know. Sadly, I don’t know enough about the Deathwing.

    Weren’t they made famous fighting genestelers in Space Hulk? – How about some stylised claw scrathes, or ‘stealer skulls or something… I dunno. Sadly, I’m not much of an ‘ideas’ man…

    – Drax

  2. Hey Drax,

    I like the genestealer skulls idea!! A tyranid friend of mine wouldn’t be happy so I might have to fashion some sort of skull chain and hang it from the shoulder pads! Great idea mate, thanks for that.

    Once I get a chance to put it in to practice I will put the pics up.

    All the best.

  3. I think maybe the red you use for the purity seals or a dark red (specifically for the icon and nothing else).

    Drawing the symbol can be difficult to say the least but spectacular looking if you can pull it off.

    I don’t know if you have already done the shading and everything on the shoulderpads but it is possible to do the symbol with some creative shapes and painting if you’re up for the challenge.

    There are a couple of hurldes but it might be worth the effort. Let me see what I can come up with and I’ll let you know. I did something similar with my GKTs and their iconography on their shoulder mounted shields.

    Maybe I can put something together and blog it.

  4. Hey Ron,

    Great input mate, I would give the icon a go… but I really don’t trust myself to be able to paint it properly. Let me know if you manage to come up with anything as you mentioned, as it would be very well appreciated!

    I saw an image with a red transfer in roman numerals, 1 in specific, being the first company, but I have no idea where it would have come from, but it was definately a trasnfer as it was mentioned in the description of the model.

    Thanks again for the ideas, I will definately go for the reds that you mentioned! Just hope I can get the confidence to paint the emblem.


  5. Just wanted to let you know, I am finishing up the shoulder pad icon tutorial this weekend.

    As a teaser, it took me about 15 min to paint the icon start to finish which doesn’t seem like much at first but adds a whole lot to a squad of ten guys (2 and half hours more just for the icons).

    I’m going to do a Deathwing logo as well (I did a Blood Ravens logo) so that there are two examples in the tutorial.

    If nothing else, you’ll have another way to paint them should you decide to give it a go yourself.

  6. Hey Ron,

    I will definately be checking that tutorial when it’s up my friend! Thanks again for doing that I guarantee it’s going to be a great help to me as well as many other members of the community!

  7. To 73rd.
    Hi I have this same problem at the moment. Forge world do shoulder pads but at £8.00 for five it’s too expensive. The vehicle transfer sheets do have the correct icon but it;s a bit big.
    I am going to apply the white Dark angel transfer and paint over it in red.

  8. Hey Hammerman,

    They are expensive for something so tiny, regardless of the detail. I thought of the vehicle transfer sheet, and maybe even using it for the models, but I’d need a different transfer sheet for each Terminator! Ron over at helped me with this problem recently by including a tutorial on how to hand paint shoulder icons and it really saved me a lot of difficult decisions! I hope that this might help you too as it would be so much easier if they re-released the Deathwing transfer sheet.

    Thank you for the comment mate


  9. Hi 73rd. I managed to scrap together 23 transfers, they do fit but you have to cut down by the sword and the handle for them to lay correctly then I used a varnish to make sure they hold. So far so good. You can get some cheap on e bay, I belong to a club in Crawley and posted a help on our website so may get some more soon.


  10. Hey Hammerman, ah yes ebay could always be an option for me too. Well done on getting together all of those transfers though! Guess you can follow the same plan if you get another squad or two in the near future mate! What’s your clubs name if you don’t mind? I want to add some links on my blog linking to clubs all over England for those that are interested.

  11. Our Club name is Crawley MTG our web site is we are a GW approved club and meet every wednesday night (See web site for details). We have a wide range of articles. We also share with Magic players and world of war craft and Crawley role players. We attend a lot of 40k tournements most of which are run by The Brighton and Clayton warlords, and The Tolworth First founding who run an excellent 40k tournement twice a year called the Mayhem and Octoberfest. Both are run on weekends and are six games lunch included and have excellent prizes in the form of cups. Another good club is the Brcknell Forest gamers who also hold tournements.

    I had a go at painting one emblem and it came out really good you can hardly tell it’s painted.
    By the way I think your models are really nice Sorry I should have mentioned that at the start of my original e,mail.

    Rgds Andy.

  12. Thanks very much mate that’s very nice of you to say. If it’s ok I will try and stop by your club some time early next year. I have been to Crawley before, although that was years ago! I have added a new category for the links to clubs I mentioned. Checked your club site and it looks like a very active environment! Great to hear about you painting an emblem on yourself too, and if I’m honest that’s my only draw back of using transfers and that’s because when I paint a like to keep my colour variants as matted as possible, and the transfer always brings a shine of its own which I tend to avoid as much as possible! How long did it take you to paint the emblem? The one I tried took about an hour and a half which was pretty long for a 3mm emblem but I wanted to try my best at a first attempt, which was minorly successful. Tried a few more now, but on paper instead and they are getting better with practice that’s for sure.

  13. I painted one free hand in about 15 minutes. I know that might sound a bit fast but I have been painting for years and have a nack of painting fast to a good standard for gaming, no where near your standard I must say. I do paint stuff for others and have won a trophy for painting and got a second place last year at the Mayhem. Only wish I had more time.
    I hear what your saying about the gloss look of transfers and I may paint a few more as they do look better.

    How are you at playing?

  14. Congrats on the trophies, I wish I could see some of your stuff mate, I’m sure it is a much higher standard than you suggest! 15 minutes is great, I guess it’s one of those things that only comes with practice and more practice!

    Ohh playing… Well I’ve only had a few games, say about 5 or 6, and I’d say I’m 50/50 on with win/lose ratio. It’s difficult for me to have a game as the only people near me who collect and game all work extreme hours and organising a game is difficult. How about you and your play style?

  15. Hi, on the whole I paint better than I play. Last tournement our club took two teams of three, and four. We did really badly and came 10th and 12th out of 13 teams our best guy came 11th out of 60 players I came a poor 47th.

    My problem is I like the look of armies but havn’t got the mental skills of tactics. Some people can look at a codex and build an army thats savage but I can’t.

    How about you?

  16. Now that’s wierd as I feel exactly the same! I had a game with Admiral Drax yesterday- My Dark Angels Vs his Guard and I lost. He is a great leader though so I was up against a very challenging opponent, but still any tactics I had went right out the window. I find that during a game I normally do silly things and just hope that something good will come out of it! It’s wierd because I am in to all the tactically diverse things and I consider myself a decent leader, but when it comes to commanding my own army I completely lose control of my thoughts! Another mistake I make is assuming what an opponent will bring in their army, so I cater for a strict anti-whatever army only to find out that the stuff I have won’t be any good against their units! Looks like we are both in the same boat mate. I’ve even turned to my Gramps who was a high ranking military official for some tactics, and I normally take note of his advice, but then on the day I completely lose myself again and am left reeling and hoping for luck to come my way! Do you guys take part in tournaments often then? I’ve never taken part in one and I doubt I’d get anywhere.

  17. I know exactly how you feel. One of my favorite armies is my genestealers although the models are old now, but I have 70 of them 60 with scuttlers, and some other stuff like raveners and one winged Tyrant. But what I like is the fact they have just one goal. Get over the table in as little time as possible and kill everything in Close combat. Most times it ends badly but not without taking most of my opponents army with me. It used to work well under the old rules but now is even deadlier. The only draw back at the club is people get to know what army you use so I try to alternate as much as possible. Still does not work much though as you never know what you will face. At the last Mayhem my brother took grey knights his first game was against daemons and the mission was assasination where you had to kill your opponents general.
    My brother managed to take out their general on turn three, then he lost all his army except the grand master. He had the santury power so no daemons could target or close combat him and so he won the game. It’s all in the hands of luck some times.

  18. I won’t disagree there! All it takes sometimes is a special rule of some sort, or some really unlucky dice rolling and the entire game can fall flat on its face. My friend often fields Tyranids. He goes in to a game with the general phrase ‘It doesn’t matter if I lose because you can never stop the limitless number of the Nids’. I don’t disagree with him there, as all organic matter that is consumed by Tyranids will lend its genetics to becoming more Tyranids, even their own fallen, but it is so disheartening to see those waves of giant bugs running at your lines and not even caring if they are shot down on their journey. Don’t you find that most times when playing a game, the background of the army can play as much a roll in the confidence of the players as the dile rolls themselves! I mean that say for example you were playing Grey Knights as your brother did, immediately you know that they are anti-daemonic, and in return daemon players will have to take that in to account, whereas an army of limitless fire power like the Imperial Guard can’t rely on their supreme combat prowess, as that doesn’t exist, they instead rely on their weapons of mass destruction to get the job done which they are more than capable of doing. The psychology of games even before they have started has such a massive impact on me, especially when a lucky dice roll or two ruin any in game plans you had at success, or in my case, ruin any chance of tactics coming to me during the game as I’m rarely fast enough to pick them up myself! You have to love those surprise special rules though don’t you, otherwise things would be so plain!

  19. Your quite correct, I guess some people are just more determined to win games rather than play games. At our club you do get a few What we term Power gamers. People that build armies just to win games but have no character or frame of referance in the 40k universe. Still it’s good when you beat them. I think the new rules have made a good impact as it is not all about wipeing your oonent out. If you still control an objective with one marine and no enemy nearby you can win even if all your army is wiped out.

    I also noticed with the new rules a change with the way peole use their old armies. Raven wing under old rules where big killers. All those Tornados with assault cannons and heavy bolters. Now they are hardly ever used in raven wing or normal marine forces. As speeders are much more venerable and can only move 6″ and fire both weapons. However now people are using things like nine Necron destoryers or nine attack bikes or even nine eldar war walkers. All fine if you have the cash but all are killers.

    I like to play more in the spirt of a game rather than a match. I have yet to try out the Deathwing but will be giving them there first try tomorrow night. I have 30 terminators a chaplin and Belial.Most of the terminators I got cheap from Ork players that brought the black reach sets.I will let you know how I got On.

    Have you used your Deathwing yet?

  20. You are so right about the whole power gamer business, I mean if they are that bothered about winning a match without having a good time and with no characterful moments to remember, then they may aswell exchange all of their models for a chess board! Straight win or loss there with nothing confusing. Ahh good luck with your battle! You will undoubtedly be outnumbered by your opponent, but the strength of the Deathwing doesn’t lay within it’s numbers, it’s how the Commander makes use of each terminators skills! I’m sure you will do great. I have played 2 games with my Deathwing. Only 5 were painted mind you, but they were 2 very eventful games. The first one I drew- It was a capture and control mission. The second game I won through a straight up annihilation. If you are planning on Deepstriking a few sqauds of your big guys, I do have a minor tip for you which may give you the advantage. If you can, take a 6 bike squad of Ravenwing. They do lack a certain punch these days, but they won’t be needed for that. They will be able to teleport your Deathwing within 6 inches of the model after placing the homing beacon. Basically homing beacon in a turn, next turn your Deathwing arrive. The 6 bike squad can be split in to 2 combat squads of 3 bikes, so you can technically take 2 flamers in a squad of 3 bikes to provide extra support to your termies on arrival. The other squad of 3 can act as a diversion, or can make there seperate way in to the heart of the enemy to give you the option of 2 areas to deploy your terminators. My first mistake was deepstriking termies that couldnt shoot as they were all armed with lightning claws, so had to survive my opponents shooting phase before able to get in to close combat. Get your big guns in there! Good luck again mate, and make sure you let me know how it goes!

  21. Hi 73rd, Well my first game went Ok, funnily enough it was along the lines of your previous threads.
    The guy i played was a returned to 40k Veteran a new guy to our club name of Dave. He brought along his Tau and had yet to play the new rules and was unsure of his Tau army. We rolled for mission and ended up with five objectives to claim. We then roll for set up and dawn of war came up. I proposed we changed this to the normal 12″ setup. This would give him more of a chance to shoot me and stop me getting into cc by turn two, as a new guy I don’t want to put him off coming along again with a hard game and i wanted to see what the termies would do under fire. So we set up i decided to Deep strike two units and deploy the rest.

    Another club memeber pointed out that Dave had four heavy support choices, he had a quickly written up rosta, I said that would be fine. Points were still an equal 1750 and in the 40k universe it’s possible marines would face Tau like this at some point.

    With three marker on the Left side and two on the right. I divided the army between the two.He got first turn and fired everything. Basically four railguns six rail rifles two missile pods four burst cannons one ion cannon eight pulse rifles. I only lost three Terminators.

    Without going on and on. It was a fiecre battle with on turn five I had one objective marker he had one. I had four terminators holding it. Belial had managed to survive his squad and was in close combat with two crisis suits, having wiped out two sniper drone squads.

    I had one more lone Terminator holding one other marker. He had three broadsides a hammerhead three crisis suits three steath suits five fire warriors left.

    If the game ended turn five I would win. Dave roll and we got turn six. He killed the lone terminator. Making it a draw. Beliel after three rounds of combat failing to hit managed to hit then fail to wound.

    Anyway it was a good draw. The Terminators are hard but as they a few in number each one killed is painful. I could have been more cautious but hey it’s a game. Would the deathwing really hide till turn five or get stuck in. Both deepstrkes on first turn did well glad I added heavy flamers to the squads, his Kroot did not like them much.

    Hope this gives you some ideas for your own Death wing.

  22. What an awesome game, well done! You are right about it being just a game, which is a great way to look at it so things never get too tense, it’s what I like to do myself. 3 downed termies at the end of a Tau shooting phase is brilliant if you ask me. All of that firepower and just 3 fellas to drop is a fantastic result. Shame about that final turning point though. I always find that when I could do with 1 extra turn I never get it! How many of his kroot fell to your heavy flamers then, as I can imagine atleast 6 or 7 must have been hit by them? Thanks for sharing the result buddy, it’s always nice to hear a bit of a battle report!

  23. The Flamers got most of the twenty the chaplin got the rest.
    Any way thanks for all youe advise it’s nice to “Talk” to a like minded gamer. I will keep reading your blog as it is one of the best, but I think I have go on a bit.

    Thanks 73rd .Hammerman.

  24. Thanks very much that’s great of you to say! I enjoyed the conversation too and will speak to you soon my friend

    Thanks again mate

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