New Rules, New Project

Hey Everyone,

I have recently decided that to welcome the coming of the 5th Edition of 40k, what better way to approach it than to start to collect another army! I thought long and hard, weighed up the pros and cons of the idea, before coming to a decision. It came down to two things, how much do I love the marines, and how good do the necron models look to me even after these years. I decided that as great as the idea of relentless metal skeletons is, the Space Marines are the army for me… for now.

Now I had to decide which chapter, what colour, what fluff, who’s characters and what type of performance I wanted, and after much deliberation, and Bell Of Lost Souls excellent logo sheets, I decided what better chapter to follow than the Blood Ravens.

They remind me of the Dark Angels in a sense that their past too is clouded to the outside universe, and that they have no home world because of this, therefore having to travel by space craft as an entire chapter, hunting for knowledge and secrets long forgotten. The dark mysteries appeal to me what can I say.

So although I will continue to collect my Deathwing army, watch this space, as I will be slowly but meaningfully be adding my Blood Ravens army as time progresses – currently working on my first two combat squads of marines.


7 thoughts on “New Rules, New Project”

  1. I’ve always thought Blood Ravens looked great on the table top. I know very little about their fluff other than they have lots of Librarians I think.

    They’ve got a sharp looking color scheme and cool icon, what more could you ask for really.

  2. Very true, and as for their fluff I don’t think I’ve ever read more background history for an army in 25 minutes than with the Blood Ravens! I’m actually going to give your idea on bases with wound counters a go with these marines I think, will let you know of the progress mate

  3. Hey Drax,

    thanks very much for the encouragement! You’re right, sometimes a change of pace is what a man needs to keep his hobby alive! Will keep you posted on the progress.

    All the best.

  4. I still owe you a tutorial on painting small designs on shoulder pads, I haven’t forgotten… I went looking through the GW site for an old article that’s now gone so I’ll be doing from scratch in the next week or so for my blog.

  5. Hey Ron, thanks so much, that is really nice of you! I look forward to the tutorial as I know your input would be a great help!

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