Army Juggling!

Hey all,

As I’m sure some of you are aware, I recently jumped straight in to a new project of collecting a brand new army, the Blood Ravens in specific. I have had a good amount of success with this project so far, with my first Space Marine 10 man squad almost finished, a Land Speeder Tornado almost completed, 2 Land Raiders, 3 Dreadnoughts, 2 scout squads, and more on the way, but to add to the time that seems to disappear so quickly, I have been kindly given a good starting point for a Necron army to add to some old box sets I had collected a few years back, by a friend of mine who has pursued other hobbies! Now with all these different models from different armies, not forgetting my Deathwing, I am at a complete loss as to how to somehow convince the sky that days should be longer than 24 hours!

The army I am currently paying full attention to are my Blood Ravens, who I will post photos of as soon as I get the chance, but in regards to the Necrons, I have already managed to complete my first squad of necron warriors, a tomb spyder, 3 scarab bases, an immortal and a lord all within 3 days!

Photos to arrive on this page soon enough!



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