Ruined Deathwing Monastery


New progress pictures added. The building is slowly coming together, and when i say slowly, I mean in pieces (12 stone dog and a huge piece of terrain do not mix). Planning on completing the painting in the next few weeks before adding intricate details to finally finish off the piece. Let me know what you guys think!

Hey all,

I was supposed to post an army shot for my Necrons in the past few days but with packing for a holiday taking up most of my time I haven’t quite gotten around to it… Therefore in 2 weeks I will make it my first priority to post these pictures, and also a huge piece of scenery I have been working on. It is based on Games Workshop’s Dark Angels ruined Chapel, and is similar in every sense so far, except that the Dark Angels symbol has been replaced by a Deathwing one! I will post my progress pics up soon and a tutorial on how I made this project my own, whilst sticking to guidelines from Games Workshop. So far it is completely put together, the majority is painted, and I’m hoping to get to work on minor details to really bring the piece to life. I have included a picture of one of my first attempts at piecing the base together, but bare in mind that now there is a ruined building placed on top, a huge broken door, and various piles of rubble. Please click the smaller images until a full-page sized one is viewed. More to come as mentioned in a few weeks!

All the best,



17 thoughts on “Ruined Deathwing Monastery”

  1. Nice work on the scenery, mate – wish I had the wherewithal to even think of attempting something like that…let alone actually doing it!

    – Drax

  2. Hi, I don’t suppose you still have the building insructions for the monastery by chance? They are no longer held on games workshop site and i’ve lost my copy of them. thanks!

  3. Hello mate,

    I’m actually not sure! I will check within the next few days and if I do have them I will send you a set to your email address!

    All the best


  4. Thanks very much mate I’m glad you like them! I have emailed you a copy of the Ruined Monastery template. I still had it fortunately! Good luck with putting it together I’m sure it will look amazing

  5. I’d love a copy of the templates too- spent the past three days trying to find it on the GW site, but since they don’t appear to have archives, I haven’t found the walkthrough. You’ll be my hero 😀

  6. Hello,

    Would it be rude if I ask you the same thing concerning the templates ? Would you mind mailing me the files? I’m currently working on a DA army, and I’d LOVE to make such a beautiful scenery as yours… And like Wyatt, I can’t find these templates anywhere…

    You’d be my hero, too 🙂

  7. Hello my friend,

    I am really sorry but I no longer have these templates! I have a new computer and the files from my previous one no longer exist but if I come across the templates I will make sure to email them straight through to you,

    All the best, and sorry again

  8. Hello,

    Don’t worry, it’s very nice from you to have taken the time to check if you had it. I’ve just retrieved my own .pdf files that I saved, long time ago 😉 So, if YOU need them, just ask 🙂 I think i’ll use them to make a non-ruined DA fortress. If I make something good, i’d post the pics somewhere…

    It’s a pity GW shut down some very good modelling articles. I remember an old lizardmen city, which was just awesome.

    Have fun,

    and thanks again

  9. Tell me about it there were some fantastic bits and pieces on the old site!!!

    It’s funny you should say you have just discovered the pdf as I just found it on an old CD! Atleast I know have a hard copy incase we ever lose what we have right now!

    All the best mate,


  10. 73rd,

    Do you still have the templates for the monastery? I’s like to build one too, but they aren’t up on the GW website anymore.

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