The Nightbringer

Hey all,

I have been slowly increasing the size of my Necron army, and decided to paint the Nightbringer model that I recently purchased. Here is how I went about it:

I basecoated the model with Vallejo Black, purchased from and chose this black as it is as easily applied as Chaos Black, but has a matte effect rather than the gloss we have all come to know and love. I preferred the matte paint as the Nightbringer I feel is a very dark entity, and what better to show its darkness than a paint that doesn’t reflect as much light!

I then moved on to his cape, choosing a grey colour scheme to stick with the dark colours he suggests as being a ‘Reaper of Souls’. I carefully drybrushed the cape with Adeptus Battlegrey foundation paint, before highlighting with a thin layer of Codex Grey. Once that had dried, I applied a further edge highlight of Fortress Grey to the very edges of the cape, and then finally a tiny touch of Skull White to the extreme edges, as again, I didn’t want to give the appearance of reflection, just a void of darkness.

I then moved on to the body, and started by picking out the muscles of his form with Regal Blue. I made sure to leave a thicker than usual line of black in the recesses to again compliment the dark aura of the model. Once the first layer had dried, I highlighted the outer edges of the muscles with Shadow Grey, followed by Space Wolves Grey. I chose to go for the blue-hued colour scheme for his body as I didn’t want to drift away from the fact that it is still a Necrodermis (living-metal body), and thought that the pristine colour that a variation of blues could provide would be perfect to represent this metallic feel, blended with the strength of a Star God who would shape and colour the metal with his inner power.

The Nightbringer’s face and scythe were painted in the same way, leaving the dark recesses as mentioned above, and I left his eyes completely black. Once complete, I glued him to his base, following the same dark sand scheme as the rest of the army, minus the Scarab Swarm base provided as he doesn’t need to be any taller for Snipers to pick out with the new TLOS rules! I sprayed him with a matte effect varnish, and left him to dry for 30 minutes. He is now battle ready, and expect to here of the horror he provides on the battlefield in the next few weeks!

As usual, any comments are appreciated!


8 thoughts on “The Nightbringer”

  1. Not to tell you you wasted money 😛 but I heard a rumor that the nightbringer and his orange companion wouldn’t be in the new Codex, they’de instead be ramped up and playing as like really expencive choices for apocolypse games.

  2. I know:( I heard the rumours too. Bit annoying really, but I guess that I will have to make up for that by playing him as much as I can in the next few months lol!

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the comment at my blog.
    i’ve added a link to unforgivenangels at my blog.
    Actually, i am quite new to Warhammer 40000.
    Still figuring which army to choose.

  4. Hey Sani,
    Thanks for the link, I’ve returned the favour.
    Let me know when you decide which army you are planning on using, I look forward to the progress with them and more of your artwork!

    All the best,


  5. Very nice paint job. and no worries about a new codex anytime soon, only ones for sure this year are IG and Space wolves. Rumor is the Dark Eldar may get an update by the end of the year, but crons will be lucky to see an update by 2010.

  6. Thanks very much mate! I’m glad the new codex has been pushed back, it definately gives me a whole lot more time to field this fella. It’s about time the DE got an update really so I wouldn’t mind if they did before the crons. As long as we get some new models!

    Thanks for stopping by,


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