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Cypher, Fallen Dark Angel
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Hi all,

Now this post is different from my usual posts in the sense that I want to gather opinions from Dark Angels players and other races alike on a topic of fluff that interests me deeply. Now for the question… I have always believed that there is something more to our apparent ‘enemy’ Cypher. I have a theory on this mysterious character, especially after reading Descent Of Angels and then Angels Of Darkness. What I want to do is gather a few opinions from anyone who knows anything about the fluff revolving around Cypher, Fallen Dark Angel, and rather than relying on forums, I actually want to see if we can put together a full-proof theory! Here is my suggestion:

For those who have read Descent Of Angels, you will be familiar with Zahariel, who was to become the next Lord Cypher. Now by the end of this book, the split of the Dark Angels legion was apparent, therefore suggesting that the last Lord Cypher before the treachery was in fact Zahariel. Now earlier in the book, Zahariel had agreed to assist the Watchers In The Dark (little guys in hoods, in particular carrying the Lion Helm for Azrael) in their goals, whatever they may be.

Now to me, this suggests the following: Zahariel is in fact Cypher, who follows the rule of the Watchers In The Dark who are quietly pursuing their aims within the Dark Angels Chapter, and uses his infamy within the Chapter to lure them in to battles that will shape their fate as the first legion. For example, we can comfortably say from physical description that Cypher was ‘The Voice Of The Emperor’ in the Eye Of Terror campaign, and although his actions were in support of the forces against the Imperium, the aftermath of these actions resulted in not only the strengthening of the DA Chapter, but the Imperium upon success of the battles. I feel that Cypher is slowly drawing the Dark Angels in to scenarios and situations that benefit them in the long run, and although they cannot see this, they (I hate to say) are being used as pawns to the Watchers In The Dark to achieve one of the two known fates of the Emperor; Resurrection at the hands of Cypher leading to the forgiveness of the Fallen Dark Angels, or the opposite; the Death of the Emperor at the hands of the ‘Lion’ sword being carried by Cypher as he slowly makes his way across the Galaxy under the protection of I feel the Watchers In The Dark. I believe the Watchers play a major role in this story as they are known to disappear and reappear without trouble, and on one occassion the Black Templars assisted the DA in the capture of ‘The Voice Of The Emperor’, and had to hand him over to the Dark Angels due to threat of attack from their larger ship. The Black Templars cruiser disappeared after a last communication with their High Marshall, which to me is a sign of destruction at the hands of the Dark Angels Vessel to hide their secret capture of Cypher, but upon examining the cell in which the hostage was held, it was found to be empty, as if the captured being had disappeared, not unlike the Watchers In The Dark, strongly reassuring my theory that he is being protected by their supernatural powers to ensure their aims are successful.

I am a little sketchy on a few of the details, so forgive anything that is incorrect, and feel free to rectify them, but now I ask for your opinions, thoughts and theories for anyone interested in this discussion without having to rely on forums and feeds that so often drift from the point!



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  1. I concur that Zahariel = Cypher in all probability. I like to think of Cypher as being somewhat akin to Alpharius/Omegon. They believe they are doing the “right thing” in the very long-term (whatever that might be, under whatever manipulation). But in doing so, their actions can bring them into conflict with a number of the very things they’re striving to protect or further the aims of (The Emperor; The DA’s).

  2. Good point, it’s the same sort of argument that no side of a battle actually think that they are in the wrong or evil, they do what they believe is right, especially when led to believe that case with manipulation or different directions by those they follow. I’m glad someone else agrees that Zahariel may be Cypher too as if we look at the facts the theory wouldn’t be too far-fetched!

  3. I havn’t read much of the Novels and all so I would back yea on this Zahariel being Cypher. But I have read the Original Codex of the Dark Angels (When I use to play them) so I have a few things to throw out that could give a new look on the whole idea with the Watchers in the Dark.

    It is very possible that maybe Cypher is being used to Awaken Lion El’Jonson. In the History part of the Codex when the Battle of the Rock was over the Dark Angels found Luthor babbling (Which he does to this day deep with in the rock in a room only Asmodal and Azrael have access to) He said when the Angels found him, “The watchers have taken his body away into the darkness and he will return once more and forgive me!” Now in his chamber the only thing they get from him is this and the fact he is sure that Both the Emperor and Lion El’Jonson will forgive him one day for his betrayal.

    And it is said that Lion El’Jonson will return when the Emperor needs him the most, and when he forgives Luthor the Fallen will be destroyed.

    Something that could be possible is; One of the theories is Cypher plans to Kill the Emperor when he gets to Terra. And yes he indeed does seem to vanish each time he is captured so it is possible that the Watchers are making sure he gets there. Cause Like Luthor said they took Lion El’Jonsons body away so they could easily pop into Cypher’s Cell and pop out with him drop him somewhere and leave before he knows what is going on. He could even think its the Chaos Gods saving him which gives him more confidence that he can get to Terra safely (Or he knows it is the Watchers). I think personally after reading your theory and The Fluff that since the Watchers seem to take great care as to bring the Lions Helm to battle so he may see what is going on, (I assume the helm is recording all the battles it sees) that they plan to make Luthors prophecy come true or at lest try. Cause It all would fit, If the Emperor’s life is in mortal danger for Cypher is about to kill him, then the Emperor would most definitely need the help of his son, and in the same time the Fallen (including Cypher) would be finally dealt with. So it could be that the Watchers even thou they would want to see Cypher brought to justice know he has to get to Terra in order to save the Emperor and bring back the Lion which would deal a big blow to the Forces of Chaos cause Lion El’Jonsosn return would be the next best thing to the return of the Emperor.

    Or I could be greatly wrong cause They never really mention the Watchers in the Dark anywhere in the History of the Dark Angels in the Original Codex UNTIL Lion El’Jonson falls. So We don’t know for sure where their loyalties lie. But its another side to look at.

  4. Wow, thank you so much for this info, after reading it I can honestly say I now have a completely different view on things. Cypher could in fact be the victim of manipulation at the hands of the Watcher’s who know how to eventually make the Lion return! In fact I believe this is the case now, as in Descent Of Angels, Zahariel agrees to assist the Watcher’s in what they plan, even before his fall (which they probably would have known about being telepathic), and in which case would have known that they would need to use him for what he would become – Cypher, and infamous throughout the DA Chapter to be hunted. I mean what would be better than Cypher forcing Lion El’Jonson to return at the side of the Emperor, and after being tailed for years by the rest of the Chapter, they would arrive just as the Lion would have returned as they would have been hunting Cypher, which would give for one very large and revenge-fuelled reunion!

    Thank you again very much for this added input, it has definately shed some light on the subject that I doubt we would have come by without you mate!

  5. Interesting post 73rd, I do love a bit of fluff me!

    First off I do love the unique position that the DA seem to enjoy within the Space Marines. While all chapters have their compelling stories and interesting quirks it seems, certainly in the minds of some key people like Gav Thorpe, that the DA play a singular role as major protagonists in 40k. It seems that the Cypher, and his true intentions, form one of THE great mysteries in the fluff, and one of the few ones that could advance the story line if taken to its logical conclusion. The DAs involvement in this seems to make them much more ‘important’ than the other chapters in that regard. It’s nice to be special isn’t it!

    You see now, I agree with what 73rd said originally. The Cypher is a ‘good guy’, broadly speaking. The real problem with the DA is that they are obsessed with correcting their great heresy without really understanding the mistake. They attempt to literally destroy the event from history – they do not come to terms with what their forebears did and thus can not move past it. It traps them.

    While there must be Fallen Angels who truly fell to choas and forsook the Emperor, there are others who rebelled because their pride was hurt and they felt rejected by their brothers. I think the Cypher is one of these and always had the interests of his legion, and the Emperor at heart. Because of this I’ve always thought the Cypher was aiming for Terra. I also think he is trying to kill the Emperor with the Lion Sword BUT, if you know the Star Child theory put forward in some of the original fluff, this can only be a good thing for humanity and the Emperor himself.

    I’m unsure where the Watchers in the Dark fit though, weather they are aware of Cypher’s intentions, or if they side with the chapter and are trying to catch him.

    Either way, I love this theory of events, simply for the irony. Because of their inability to see past their mistake, the DA spend all their time trying to hunt and destroy the very figure who is attempting to bring renewal and rebirth to the Imperium.

    I told ya’ I like a bit of fluff!

  6. Brilliant! This story is definately one that could shape the Imperium (If GW chose to pursue it to completion), and I honestly think that they will in the form of a huge campaign, I mean what better than to allow the fate of the Emperor to rest on the shoulders of his Loyal legions, or fall beneath the boots of his enemies. I have read and tried to understand the Star Child theory, and this could in fact be the case for the ressurrection of the Emperor himself as those aware of the theory would know, but where fate is involved I believe the options to those who know them (such as the Eldar and the Watchers In The Dark) would provide the suggestions that are most obvious. Death at the hands of Cypher (unlikely as I am still as adament as you that he may well be the good guy and just judged by the rest of the DA chapter due to their lack of understanding), or secondly unity by forgiving the Fallen marines by ressurrecting the Emperor. To strengthen my first point I would imagine that Cypher knows that the Dark Angels are taught to ignore all comments made by any captured Fallen, and that any negative statements are lies and heretical rousings. Therefore the only way he could get his message across would be to lead the DA Chapter to him and cause them to act unwillingly in his aims for the Chapter and the Emperor, perhaps guided by the Watchers or even his own knowledge on the ressurrection of the Lion and the uniting of the broken Chapter.

    One thing that plagues me though… The story mentions that the Lion will return when the Emperor needs him most. Now to me that suggests that the need for his return would have to be if the Emperor’s life was in danger, therefore maybe it wouldn’t be too far fetched to suggest that the only real threat the Emperor would face would be from Cypher himself if his intentions were in fact unpure.

    Another possibility would be that perhaps the reason that Cypher has been taking his time travelling across the Imperium to Terra is because in fact the time for the reappearance of the Lion isn’t at hand just yet, and with the guidance of those who either understand or can control fate, he is buying his time and planning on arriving at the Emperor’s side when the interference of the Lion is neccessary. Now this could mean anything… like a huge attack from the forces of Chaos (yeah like that’s new!), and in that case Cypher would have to time his appearance perfectly to trigger the alarms and either fulfil the legends bringing the Lion back from his location, or in fact bring the Lion to the Emperor, maybe in the shape of the sword on his back, as it could contain the soul of the Lion himself after the battle with Luther, and his abrupt disappearance. The latter would suggest two motives. The first being that his infamy within the Imperium and the DA chapter would trigger a full alert to stop him (resulting in the Emperor needing a trusted Primarch to control the oncoming time of unease) and the second could be in fact to stand at the Emperor’s side as the Lion returns hopefully knowing the truth about what the hell happened during the Fall. This thought came to me as I imagined how determined Cypher apparently is to bring forgiveness to the Fallen Angels, and the only way to do that would be with forgiveness. Now call me naive, but the only person who could forgive these actions would be the Lion himself! Therefore this suggests to me that in his time away, he has learnt the truth about the Fall and on his return would be able to unite the remaining Dark Angels and explain to us all why all of this even happened, otherwise Cypher wouldn’t be so intent that they would even be forgiven unless he knew more than the rest of the Imperium about the situation involving the Lion.

    Thanks so much for the input Soviet! Glad we are on the same page with this fluff, and I too enjoy it very much. I definately agree with your theories, and didn’t actually think that the Fallen not including Cypher could literally have been bitter about being left out of the war and not have fallen to Chaos, and in that sense chose to evade the Dark Angels pursuit simply to continue their lives!

    Great stuff, this topic has really enlightened me thus far!

  7. Very interesting (and plausable) theories! I absolutly love the Dark Angels fluff, they were in fact my very first 40k army back in the day…

    I read that a lot of your understanding is based on the novels ‘Descent Of Angels’ and then ‘Angels Of Darkness’ – would you recommend either as decent reading in their own right?

  8. Hey there Mike! Thanks for the comment. Ah well I think that I would be a biased judge as I love everything about the Dark Angels, but I can honestly say that both books are brilliant. Angels Of Darkness being a reprint of a classic back by popular demand is a much deeper read in my eyes, as it not only has its basic storyline, but also creates a doubt mentioned in the above comments about the true cause of the Dark Angels Chapter, and if there beliefs are indeed founded or mislead. The main antagonist is a captured member of the Fallen Angels, who instills these doubts in to our minds, but you cannot trust a member of the Fallen as they will lie and decieve to avoid repention! Descent of Angels talks about the history of the Dark Angels, from their early days as warrior monks, all the way through to becoming Space Marines, and is an excellent source if you want a back to back exploration of the Chapter Master’s true personality as he features strongly in the book itself. Both books are a great read, and I could say that even if I wasn’t a fan of the DA, and I’d recommend them to anyone interested in the background and fluff of the Dark Angels, or just for a very involving read! Hope that helps buddy!

  9. cant wait for the nxt line in the book “fallen angels” to come out to further the story of wat might lie behind the whole DA/Cypher story….comes out july 09

  10. Oh I agree with you there mate, I can’t wait to read even deeper in to the DA story, and I have a feeling it will fill in a whole lot of gaps that we have about the history

  11. I have 2 theiries for everyone to think about maybe cypher is not really a fallen angel and is in fact a double agent for the dark angels as on a fluff website it stated that where cypher
    Is fallen angels are not far behind to further my first theorie I know cypher has also ascaped many times from the dark angels fortres maybe this is so more fallen angels will follow him and the dark angels can capture them

    My second theirie is cypher is reterniing to terra bringing all the fallen angels with him and as a result of this over half of the leigoin turned to Luther and so he will have a large host gathered behind his banner as the emperour will need the lion most I think the watchers of the dark will release the lion as he essentially has the power to forgive the fallen or destroy them

  12. If they also made a book I have some titles can you let me know what you think if them guys
    Revenge of the fallen
    Age of reconing
    Return of the fallen one
    Retribution of angels
    Angels of forgiveness
    Emperours peace

  13. Hi Jamie,

    I like your theory, and it would certainly make sense if Cypher was able to unite the Fallen Angels together for the reappearance of the Lion to allow them all to be forgiven.

    Out of your title options, I quite like Return of the Fallen One. It has a good ring to it and seems appealing for the Dark Angels/ Cypher situation.

    Thanks for stopping by mate!

  14. Can enyone tell me in the short stories book there is a story about a dark angel chaplain called boreas he finds a fallen and interigates him is the fallen aztelan

  15. I started a strlory about the fallen angels a while back but never got around to finishing it do you want me to email it to you or post it here

  16. Hi Jamie,

    I think the Chaplain you are talking about is in Angels Of Darkness by the author Gav Thorpe. Great book. Please post your story on here mate, as I’m sure that we would all be interested in seeing it! Do you have a website?


  17. Hi 72nd I don’t have a website and can I post in instalments

    And the chaplain I’m talking about is in the let the galaxy. Burn book
    As his name is also boreas

  18. Did anyone think about cypher being a dark angels double agent so he pretends to be fallen as the dark angels will capture the true fallen also I find it weird how he can escape so many times

  19. Ah I haven’t read Let The Galaxy Burn, is it a good book? The only Boreas I knew was from Angels Of Darkness! I had a thought after you said that… What if Cypher wasn’t actually considered a Fallen Angel by the Dark Angels? I mean imagine if he actually stayed loyal, and works to silently summon the true Fallen Angels to a location, where they would be captured, including Cypher, and then Cypher would be mysteriously released, perhaps to lure more of the Fallen Angels to the Dark Angels!

    Sadly I don’t have msn just an email address, but please feel free to stop by and post whenever you want a talk!

  20. Ok thanks 73rd I’m glad we both share the same veiws a
    each other I am looking to get the original cypher model as every site I look on has no cypher

  21. The model is so cool. I wanted to convert a model to represent an Assault Marine Sergeant, and I just may do that. Maybe the Games Workshop website in the collectors section they may have one. I will let you know if I find one though mate!

  22. thanks mate I have converted a robed veteran marrine with a plasma pistol and a combat sheild to make him like cypher I can email pictures to you if you want

  23. I don’t know how to 73rd
    I found out some more info on cypher if you want to hear

    When Luther and lion el Jonson where fighting cypher was watching their
    battle from the shadows and didn’t get involved as he was unsure to help
    his primarch or his commander? Once the battle was over cypher saw
    Luther was mad and the lion was dying so cypher ran to the lions side
    and the lion wispered something in cyphers ear about one finnal mission
    to redeem the fallen and when the dark angels found the body of the
    Luther the lion and his sword where nowhere to be seen alsocypher was gone

  24. I heard it in a site and yh I can’t wait for fallen angels can you help me with some fallen angel army ideas I have 1idea of buying 5boxes of dark angel vets (the ones with robes) and making them like cyphers group of fallen angels or something

    Also I heard a disturbing theorie that cypher was a position and not a name but I already know that from Reading decent of angels but the therie states once the mariines were raised on caliban zaharial became lord cypher do you think this is true mate bwcause. I do not

  25. I think the Veterans boxed set would make a perfect group of Fallen Angels. That’s exactly how they would look, but there armour wouldn’t be green. I honestly think Zahariel does become Cypher. I only say this because of how Descent of Angels finished – with him as Lord Cypher. No other Lord Cypher was suggested, and I can’t see anyone declaring themself Cypher as even the Fallen Angels would know that it is a traditional role to be fulfilled by only the most worthy. Unless of course we find out something else happened when the Dark Angels split in half, and the Fallen may have murdered Zahariel as Cypher who was still working on the same side as the Lion, and then simply replaced him. But that doesn’t explain how the only Dark Angel to come in to contact with the Watchers In The Dark was in fact Zahariel, back in the forest of Caliban, and they asked him to be the actor of their will. They must have known the war was coming, and known that the Dark Angels would split, and had a very long plan for Zahariel to take part in, as Cypher. Does that make sense?

  26. It does a bit mate but I still don’t fully understand how sahariel becomes lord cypher because there is no reference of him actually becoming cypher

    Can the vets have dark angel livery as they would have once been in the dark angels leigon and if they are still loyal to the emperour like cypher is will they still maintain squad structure

    Also I had a weird thought about when the warp storm arrived and pulled all the fallen away why did the dark angels not be pulled away as well and also if thousands of the leigon turned will there be enough planets to place 1fallen on or will there be groups of fallen being placed on planets or will they land on their own

    I have 2more queiries that I would like to settle in the eye of terra campain there was a charecter who was not named but who was described as having black armour and a White robe with a plasma pistol bolt pistol and a sword he never used this is supposed to be cypher as you may have guessed already but in the campain it suggested he was operating in the ruins of caliban could this be a regrouping point for fallen angels maybe of is cypher working on something deeper let me know what you think please 73rd also I have 1more question when the warp storm hit was cypher pulled away with it or did he leave before it arrived.I think he has been pulled up in the warp storm and travelled back to the asteroids of caliban to hide the sword of the lion untill the right time when he has all the fallen at his side

  27. Good theories! Firstly I’d say that the Fallen would bear icons and marks of Dark Angels. Remember, to them, they haven’t Fallen as such. They are the true followers of their leader, Luther, who in their eyes would be the protagonist, and Lion would be the antagonist. Therefore I would say that they would wear the same iconography as the Dark Angels, but perhaps even turning the sword upside down to show they are at opposite ends to their brethren.

    My thoughts about the Fallen being drawn away by the Warp is because they had turned to Chaos. Therefore the Chaos Gods would be trying to save their warriors to fight for them in the future, and in this case would cast them out in to all corners of the Galaxy so that they can unite and fight against the Imperium. I think that they would have been cast away in small groups so that they can atleast survive, but then again they may have just all been separated and left to find each other. On the other hand, it may not have been the Warp that spread the Fallen around the Galaxy, but the powers of the Watchers In The Dark. They obviously know a whole lot about fate and the future of things, and perhaps their goals will be shown in the Fallen Angels book. Also, if you refer to the history, it states that the Lion crafted a sword for Zahariel from the tooth of a slain creature. This sword came to be known as the Lion Sword. Something that people have overlooked as a possession of the Lion himself, and not as the weapon gifted to Zahariel from the Primarch Lion El Johnson. Therefore it seems obvious to me that whoever bears that sword is a thief, or Zahariel after becoming Cypher. He may have adopted that name as it represents an anonymous identity, just like he found out from Cypher himself in Descent Of Angels.

    Whatever the truth is it is definately keeping us all guessing mate!

  28. One question we all have to ask ourselves is when will the emperour need the lion most maybe when cypher is about to kill him maybe when the emperour plans to crusade again who knows?

  29. do you think that gamesworkshop will ever release more info on cypher or at least remodel him or make a box set or battleforce for him and his fallen angels

  30. It would be brilliant if they did as they would have so many different attractions. Firstly as the Fallen, secondly as a Chaos Force, and finally some awesome conversions! I wish they would do characters and battle forces for a lot more 40k history than they currently cover!

  31. I think you should contact Games Workshop through their website if you have any ideas. Maybe check a few forums and see what people think of them and you might get lucky and get the attention of someone at Games Workshop! I recently bought 2 new battleforces, I have the Ravenwing one, and the Space Marine Battleforce. Haven’t managed to start painting any models from them just yet though! My next project is a Dark Angels combat squad, and then my first of 3 Dreadnoughts.

  32. Is their any way to get the dark angel battleforce that was in shops but has now been taken away
    I’m thinking of making a big fallen army
    6 10man robed squads
    1command squad lead by cypher
    2 10 man terminator squads
    1landraider 2predators
    2 10man assult squads
    110man devastatir squad

  33. do you want me to send you pictures as my army progresses send me a email at jamie_090@hotmail.com so I can reply if you want
    I have some nice robed vets painted and converted also I have made a lion and a Luther model if you are interested just tell me and I’ll send you some pictures as it might help you with inspiration for your army

  34. I also found out more info on cypher the info is supreme chapter master azreal requested to make a new chapter from the dark angels called the diciples of caliban this chapter is solely devoted to hunting down only cypher so he must have the watchers of the dark protecting him to be able to evade an entire chapter of 1000 marines

  35. Yeah of course mate I’m going to tell them of my ideas of a fallen battleforce and I have done some conversion work for pictures of poses they could use for cypher I thought White dwarf was a good starting point to tell gamesworkshop of our ideas as every gamesworkshop has at least 20 copies of each months White dwarf maybe one of the staff will read my letter and hopefully we will see a fallen boxset out soon mate thanks for the inspiration mate and can you explain again to me how everyone thinks zahariel is the new lord cypher as I am having trouble getting my head round it

  36. I don’t think I could go over anything in more detail than we have already discussed in the above comments mate, so just give them another quick read and I’m sure that info will tell you what you want to know. Thanks again mate

  37. Do you think fallen angels will make us fell sorry for the fallen angels as most of them turned their backs on the emperour as they had no choice or will it make us hate them

  38. Do you feal it was the fallen fault as I do a bit as some fallen turned freely with most others turning as they thought the lion hurt their pride

  39. I think that the Fallen are to blaim for their own treachery, but not the leaders of the Fallen. They would have had their pride hurt by being left on Caliban, and their bitterness would have affected those under their guidance such as the younger ones who would be easily swayed by Chaos

  40. How many fallen turned as I’m buying the dark angel codex for info and pictures and stuff so anyway how many fallen turned as in decent of angels anywhere between 1to5 companys sided with Luther also in decent of angels it states hundreds upon hundreds of dark angels gathered on the embarkation deck
    I have 2q’s why did the lion break them of from the crusade
    And are thee companys like 1000. Strong

  41. Have you read the old version of angels of darkness if so why did boreas send astelan a cox message saying you were right he says at the end of the book

  42. Do the fallen poses jetbikes like the. Master of the ravenwing and do u have the new dark angel codex if u do is it good for pictures of fallen and stories and stuff

  43. It has a lot about the history of the Dark Angels including stories about the Fallen but more about the battles of the Dark Angels

  44. My letter got back today sorry I havent posted but whit dwarf says it’s a good idea and they are looking into a box set

  45. I guess I am one of a few that actually think that the “Fallen” are actually loyal to the Emperor, and that the “Inner Circle” are the ones corrupted by chaos. Why else would the inner circle of the DA keep the treachery secret, since the whole Imperium was already in upheaval over Horus’ treachery?

    Is it really Luthor chained within the Rock?

  46. It’s strange you should say that because it certainly does seem suspicious. I’m not sure if I’d base the Dark Angels hiding their secret because of the fact that they are indeed the traitors and the Fallen are the last few loyal Dark Angels that need to be silenced, as I think that their secrecy is more towards embaressment than anything. I mainly think this because they are Space Marines, and the 1st legion at that therefore any weakness would be a true stain in their honour and would cloud their reputation.

    It’s slightly similar to the case of the Blood Angels – They are most definately loyal to the Imperium, but they are untrusted by many Space Marine Chapters. This taint could be what keeps the Dark Angels so adament in keeping their shame a secret, but then again you could be right – surely exposing a part of their Legion as ‘Fallen’ would give them much more support from the rest of the Imperium in their hunt!

    Thanks for stopping by

  47. Hi 73rd i just got fallen angels and angels of darkness and cypher apears in both of them as a dual weildind plasma/bolt pistolier

  48. Fallen Angels is an awesome book, I read through it last week and it is really fantastic! It really clarifies a few things about Cypher, I’m thinking of getting the model and making a Fallen Angels army to compliment my Dark Angels

  49. Ok just read fallen angels cover to cover and still dont understand what its sayin boouut cypher

    And why if zahariel dies near the end is he still alive i dont get that part

  50. I think that might be something to do with the Watcher’s in the dark. It seems to suggest stuff about Cypher and his future without actually giving much away

  51. If you read the part where Zahariel explains after he falls to the ground dead, he says that the last thing he remembers is luther standing over his body reading a passage from the book, this could be a resurrection spell or something else.

  52. say guys just throwing this out there, don’t really care if you hate this idea, but after reading through the DA Codex, on page 9 is says near the bottom

    Quote: “They were unable to extract anything coherent out of the shell of a man who had once been Jonson’s closest friend and second-in-command; he just repeated over and over his prophecy: the Primarch had been carried away, but would one day return to forgive the terrible sins Luther and his brethren had committed”

    now..that being said, it also says that Jonson was dying after the psychic attack from Luther

    now on to Cypher, it says on page 12 of the codex that:

    Quote: “However the occasional glimpse of the dark green power armour beneath his long robes.” and “Some whisper that he may represent the Fallen Angels’ only chance of redemption, and that his seemingly random appearances hide a pattern which reveals that he is slowly moving across the galaxy towards Terra and the Emperor himself.” and also “They also point to the fact that Cypher carries a sword which he never draws or uses in combat, and that this could be the fabled Lion Sword.”

    all i’m saying is that having no real evidence that Lion El’Jonson is dead and Cypher running around with what could be the Lion Sword.

    maybe Cypher is Lion El’Jonson…just trying to gather The Fallen together and bring them to Terra to seek forgivness for what his friend Luther did to them.

    or maybe he’s just some Chaos Marine that just happens to have dark green armour and a Dark Angels robe

    whatever there’s my two-cents on the matter 😀

  53. Very good point my friend! Thanks for sharing it with us I actually never thought of your itheory before you suggested it! The only issue I have is that on the occasions that Cypher has been captured, various Dark Angels would have seen him, and in one way or another they would know what Lion El’ Johnson looked like and recognised the face, but with Cypher there is no recognition.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  54. As far as the issue of Zahariel dying near the end of Fallen Angels, it specifically mentions that he was “dead” for a short period of time before Luthor resurrected him using sorcery/psychic abilities learned from the texts captured from the Knights of Lupus (The name of whom, by the way, is a clever allusion to the “modern-day” rivalry between the Dark Angels and Space Wolves).

    The glimpse of dark green armor under Cypher’s robes may be an older description that since has been retconned, as the Dark Angels only switched to dark green armor after the Fall. Prior to that the armor was black. It could also be possible that Cypher painted his armor to match the “modern” Dark Angels for some mysterious reason.

    I am tempted to agree that Zahariel will become the next Lord Cypher, as the young Lord Cypher from the Knights of Lupus does seem to show a great deal of interest in Zahariel, perhaps considering him as a successor. The only thing that sticks in my mind, however, is the weaponry used by the Lupus Cypher. He is described as using paired pistols, while Zahariel is not (yet) known to primarily use pistols in combat. If and when Zahariel becomes Cypher, it could be possible that he inherits the weapons of the previous Cypher. Similarly, Zahariel is a powerful Librarian. It could of course be possible that as Cypher he doesn’t use his powers or uses them with subtlety, but Cypher is never noted as being a psyker.

  55. I never actually thought about the weapons being passed on, and as for Zahariel posessing psychic powers, it may greatly explain how he is able to escape being caught by the Dark Angels if he is indeed the current Cypher. Great points my friend, thanks for stopping by!

  56. Hi 73rd sorry i havent posted in ages

    I had a look at your blog and the da there are exellent i like the drednaught a lot

    I have a few more questions for us all to think about.
    1 how do the fallen comunicate
    2 when the fallen were cast in the warp and placed on the planets was it possible for squad sized groups to be placed together
    3. When cast through space timewas it possible to apear days after the fight on caliban

    4. In fallen angels what is cleared up about cypher because i dont understand.

    5. Does cypher still use the allias ‘voice of the emperour ‘ or was the name only used for the eot campain

  57. The short answer is: no. Nobody can clear up answers like that because Games Workshop is deliberately vague and tight-lipped about Cypher and the Fallen. All that anyone but Games Workshop higher-ups and licensed novelists can do is speculate using clues garnered from the fiction. That said, my own take on those questions is:

    1. They don’t, unless they actually come across one another. In other words, they have no special powers.

    2. There is really no way to know, but the impression I get is that no, they were each individually scattered across time and space. If they stumble across each other they may band together (as Astelan did briefly with two Fallen he encountered) but otherwise would not have appeared together.

    3. Again, there’s no information on this. I don’t see why not, though. Keep in mind that there’s a whole lot of time and space for the Fallen to be scattered across, so the odds of simply reappearing would be pretty low.

    4. What do you mean “cleared up?” If you have truly read the book cover-to-cover, you find the revelation that the Lord Cypher at the time was originally an enemy of the Order, and was a personal confidant of Lion El’Jonson. He manipulates events to suit his purposes and arguably causes the Fall itself.

    5. Yet again, there’s nothing definitive. It’s likely, though, that he does not, as the name “Voice of the Emperor” was a tool that Cypher used to manipulate Imperial forces during the campaign. He could re-use it in the future to provoke Imperials, but I doubt he would regularly go by any alias, much less that one.

    PS – In my previous post I misspelled Luther as “Luthor.” Sorry!

    PPS – As a follow-up to my last post, I also noted that Zahariel lied to Luther when asked if he had learned the true name of Oroborous. He did in fact learn it (giving him control over the daemon). If Zahariel is the modern-day Cypher, Oroborous could be the “mysterious patron” that enables Cypher to vanish.

  58. Thank you very much for that input Kraken! Your final statement made me realise a few things about Zahariel, and I agree that most of the hard facts are not provided, which I feel reinforces the entire mysterious nature of this situation and the Dark Angels chapter as a whole. Some great points my friend, thanks again!

  59. Is it just me or do you guys think that gamesworkshop should re-do cyphers fluf i dont mean change anything but i think they should release some ancient records or logs shedding some light on cyphers motives or they could at least write up an acount of when cypher has recently been spotted or something

    also in responce to my first question it states in the da codex i think that wereever cypher is other fallen are not far behind this must mean that they must have some form of comunicating

    Thank you kraken for your reply do you have a blog like 73rd

  60. As far as releasing “ancient records,” the Horus Heresy series fits the bill very nicely. I’m sure that the two Dark Angels books already released are not the only ones to be written, and that future installments will give more clues about Cypher. Otherwise, I don’t feel that anything needs to be redone.

    The statement in the Dark Angels codex is of course open to your interpretation, but it certainly doesn’t mean that a means of communication is the only possible meaning. I believe that the book implies that the forces behind the Fallen scattering and Cypher’s abilities have a purpose for the Fallen, and that the Fallen appear more frequently near Cypher. Fallen that have already appeared may of course have banded together as I mentioned last post, in which case they likely communicate by more mundane means (though possibly via telepathy if there are indeed librarians or astropaths among them or serving them).

    You’re welcome, though I don’t have a blog – just an interest in 40K.

  61. I do agree that the communications would be provided by librarians and astropaths, particularly when you consider how other renegade space marines band together. They almost seem to attract each other and create alliances. There may be some sort of ancient STC that the Fallen are in possession of, or perhaps it is simply the power of the Chaos Gods directing their paths in general directions to band together. There are a great amount of texts and documents detailing various issues regarding Cypher and the Dark Angels Chapter, like the codex, articles, and as Kraken mentioned the Horus Heresy novels. Any more detail and the mystery that is the Dark Angels origins would no longer be a mystery, and I feel that GW treat the fans and hobbyists as others in the Imperium would be treated by the Dark Angels: that of a need to know basis, and right now, there is enough material out there to create conspiracies and theories(just as individuals within the 40k Universe would theorise), and not enough concrete evidence (as the Dark Angels secrets are kept away from common knowledge due to the consequencies within the Imperium by knowing their ties with Chaos, which suggests the lack of information for us, the ‘Imperium’)

  62. I’ve read an interesting theory elsewhere that I thought I’d share. What if Lion El’Jonson knew that Caliban was tainted and sent some of his best troops back to Caliban to purge that taint? The Lupus Cypher may have been intended to train those troops (or at least Luther) using the knowledge gained from the Knights of Lupus. Those troops were not told of this when sent back to Caliban because their loyalty to the Emperor would result in the secret being revealed and Caliban being destroyed by the Imperium. Lion El’Jonson may not have been pleased to come back to Caliban and find that his supposed daemon-hunters had rebelled against the Imperium.

  63. I think gw should release a new fallen and make him one of cyphers leutenants etc and write fluf about him being captured and in his interogation dieing in the attempt to keep information about cypher to himself

    also will the next dark angel horrus heresy book feuture the fall of caliban

    Thanx if you post 73rd or krakenk

  64. I’m sorry to say this but I really don’t think Zahariel is Cypher. On the fact that Cypher never shows any psychic talent what’s so ever. I agree with Cypher receiving Help from the Watcher’s because in ‘Descent of Angel’ when the Watchers make themselves known to Zahariel they tell him they fight an never ending war with Chaos. It does also explains how Cypher is able to escape all the time. Also Zahariel never agree’s to side with them because he was only a caliban knight and just promised to never speak of what he saw or what happened tbh. I spoke to some GW staff and we both came to the conclusion that Cypher mite be the old Cypher who allegedly rode off to die like old knights use to do, but that’s after the Caliban had been cleansed of monster’s. I agree with the theory of Cypher plan’s to kill the emperor so he can be reborn cause he’s tied to his mortal shell. On another story I’ve heard rumours that the High lords of Terra know that the Emperor is alive and well for many, many years but do not wish to relinquish their power they hold, and now the Golden Throne has broken which is now slowly killing the Emperor so Cypher’s goal is to release the Emperor from his prison. I do think the inner circle are privvy to certain things but are blinded by their shame and hatred for what happened that the can’t see it and that Cypher has to lead them by the nose, but anyway what do you guys think?

    1. That does make sense actually, and I never particularly considered the Emperor being held prisoner by the current High Lords, especially as they would indeed be ruling in his stead. That certainly reinforces why Cypher is slowly making his way towards Terra, and although assassinating the Emperor would seem like the hugest assassination performance in the history of the Imperium (and obviously be considered something to do with the Dark Powers), Cypher may actually be allowing the Emperor to be reborn with the potential of reaching full strength once again. Either way with the Golden Throne steadily dying, so will the Emperor, and the High Lords obviously will not end the torment early, so in that case it would be down to Cypher to kill the Emperor and allow history to be reborn. Regarding Cypher’s psychic talent, the same goes for the lack of evidence showing he has any as could be said for the fact that no-one knows what his face looks like. Perhaps he isn’t using the most recognisable psychic talents, and therefore no mention of his psychic skills would be stated, so until it can be said one way or the other wether Cypher is psychich or definately not, I still think that it is possible for Zahariel to be the current Cypher.

      Thanks for the input my friend

  65. Saying that the GW staff member I spoke to yesterday was telling me Lion and Luther fort side by side as the warp storm swallowed Caliban… which in all honesty he didn’t go into much detail cause he had to serve customers and I had to go to work.
    I hope they release another book in the Horus series which gives more details, also with the fallen leaving during the warp storm and the loyal staying I have a suspicion that Luther and his closest had been dabbling the dark arts since it hints that at the end of ‘Fallen Angel’. The fallen know they’re screwed so use the warp storm as cover and use dark arts to get out of there but the warp storm throws them all over the universe and time. Also in the Angel of Darkness, the Fallen that is found and tortured is the Terran Dark Angel from the short story in ‘Tales of heresy’ called ‘CALL OF THE LION’ Asterlan i think that’s how you spell it. but that throws into turmoil that all fallen where Caliban born Dark Angels, I asked the GW staff and he told me that the reason the Terran Asterlan fired on Lion and his fleet because he thinks the Caliban Dark Angels are too gun ho and forsake democracy for chainsword and bolter, And admits in teh ‘Angel of Darkness’ that he ordered the attack upon the fleet and Luther was locked away in his tower, I will admit i haven’t read ‘Angel of Darkness’ for sometime and in the process of re-buying it from Amazon

  66. Has any one given thought to cypher’s very name? As a position/rank or designation a “cypher” is still a key to crack a code or lock and if he is striving to rectify a full 1/2 legion’s sin could it be that he might possibly intend to sacrifice himself to the golden throne to secure his brothers absolution and in doing so cause the emperor to retreve the Lion from his sleep.( Remember that they sacrifice a thousand psykers to the throne daily just to sustain the emperor.) This would make him the “key” to their “cleansing” and absolution. As to cypher= zahariel I completely agree, he could be using/ casting a kind of shade or muddle to purposly cloud his identity as he would of undoubtadly been pronounced heratic by the then new religion of the “god emperor” and as a psyker it would not only be within his reach but a valued survival tool as he would be hunted by not just his chapter but the imperium as a whole for his abilities.

    1. Fantastic points, I never even considered his attempts at reaching the Emperor as the means to a sacrifice! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts my friend

  67. hey 73rd sorry i haven’t posted here in ages but i’ve been writing a few short stories and i am close to finishing a short fanfic about cypher being interrogated and then escaping. i think i will finish it in a week maybe do you want me to post it up here for everyone to see.

    and off topic i know but can you help me with a ravenwing army list as i have begun collecting another marine army.

    and i know this will probz sound weird as i’m not a “teckie” but if i send you some pictures of my space marine charecters would you maybe possibly post them on your website to inspire everyone else to make a da army.

  68. hey 73rd sorry i havent posted here in a while but ive been writing a short story about cypher and him being interrogated and then escaping do you want me to post it here for you to read

  69. ok yeah 73rd i just have to finish like the last bit but ill post it up either tinight if i get a chance to finish it or tomorow

  70. ok yeah thanks mate im busy with my gcse’s now so i cant post the sotry up sorry i can post it the day i finish if you would like

  71. I think the Dark Angels are a good group to fight with. While normally an Ultramarines kinda guy I have a small group of Dark Angel Marines and one Dreadnaught that I have yet to paint or arm in a sense

  72. here is some fluff for you to think about, i have re-wrote the dark angels history by adding in thing that just seem to fit, i think it would make a good book. 🙂

    The Emperor reaches Caliban
    Meanwhile, unbeknown to Jonson and the people of Caliban, the Emperor was waging his great crusade across the galaxy, reuniting humanity and purging entire star systems of their alien oppressors. As the Emperor force of conquest advanced across the galaxy, Imperial Scouts soon rediscovered the isolated world of Caliban.
    As the Emperor looked out of the window on the world below, he recognised it from visions of the future, this is the place he thought, this is the key to piece in the galaxy.
    He landed to a great fanfare and welcome by the population and he was at last reunited with the first of his Primarch he was filled with joy as would be a father finding a lost son. The Emperor’s first action was to give Lion El’Jonson control of the Dark Angels Legion. This body of Space Marines had been created by the emperor from it’s Primarch’s gene-stock and had fought along side the other Imperial forces as the Great Crusade was waged across the galaxy.
    During the night the Emperor sneaked out of the fortress monastery and went into the savage woods, he could feel eye watching him as he walked, he stopped and turned round, “come out” he said “ I will not harm you.” A small primate emerged from the woods. “So you like to watch my little friend,” said the Emperor. The creature looked at the Emperor and smiled. “Very well then you will be my eyes and ears on this planet,” said the Emperor. By this time there where about forty of the creatures surrounding the Emperor, but he felt no I’ll will from the creatures, the Emperor sat down on the grass and took out a cup and a small vile of blue liquid, “I created twenty Primarch’s to lead my legions in battle, but they where take from me by chaos, I will give you a gift my little friend, this time only you your kin and I shall know about it”. The Emperor poured the vile into the cup and offered it to the primate, they all drank from the cup, and fell to the floor in pain, there bodies twisting and twitching as the life blood of the Emperor ran through there veins.
    After about 15 min the twitching had stopped and they where able to stand, “how do you feel?” asked the Emperor
    ‘Strange’ there was a pause ‘I can understand what your saying’ said the primate.
    The emperor went on to tell them what he wanted the to do.
    Caliban was made the home world of the Dark Angels and the whole of the order moved to join its ranks. Those knights who were still young enough had the Legion’s gene-seed implanted within them, while those too old for this process underwent surgery to transform them into the elite warriors of the Imperium. The first to be brought into the Legion in this way was Luther, who became Jonson’s second in command, just as he always had been in the Order.
    The Great Crusade, of course, had to go on: there were countless human worlds that were still under the influence of Chaos or suppressed by the harsh rule of alien races. So it was the Jonson and many of the Dark Angels set out with the Emperor to continue the battle for humanity while Luther was left behind in charge of the remainder of the Legion on Caliban. Despite the importance of Luther’s position, it was not one that suited his ambitious personality.
    The watchers in the dark where continuing with the task set them all those years ago, they had been preparing for what was to come they went to speak to Zahariel who agreed to assist the Watchers In The Dark in their goals, whatever they may be.
    As Jonson’s fame spread throughout the galaxy and reports of his great deeds and prowess in battle reached the Legion’s homeworld, Luther felt robbed of his share of the glory. He wanted the fame and recognition he felt he deserved as Jonson’s equal. His role as planetary governor on some half-forgotten backwater world seemed more and more to him like an insult. The seed of jealousy and dissention that had been planted within Luther when Jonson had been made the Supreme Master of the Order now began to grow and rankle within his heart as the Primarch became more and more celebrated and famous.

    The watchers in the dark went to speak to Zahariel and told him that Luther had become corupted by the powers of Chaos, Zahariel wanted to confront Luther, but the watchers told him that he was not strong enough to fight Luther and he had to wait for the Lion to return as he was the only one who could defeat him.

    Then came the terrible days of the Horus Heresy. As the Emperor fought Warmaster Horus for the possession of the Earth, Lion El’jonson was far away fighting for humanity alongside Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves legion of Space Marines. Hearing of the potentially disastrous proceedings taking place around Earth, the two generals hurried back as quickly as they could. Coming into Earth’s orbit they realised they had arrive too late. Events had already taken their terrible course and the cataclysmic final battle was over. The forces of Chaos had been defeated, but they had left the Imperium in ruins.
    It had been many long years since Jonson had been to Caliban, and he longed to see his homeworld once more. As the unsuspecting ships of Jonson’s fleet moved into orbit a devastating barrage of defence laser fire met them. Ships exploded into flame and crashed to the surface like monstrous comets. Stunned by the attack, Jonson withdrew and attempted to find out what happened.
    Zahariel and a few of his battle brothers provide a route off the planet avoiding the planetary defenses to a merchant so he could escape caliban and told him to tell Lion El’jonson that Luther had become corrupted by the powers of Chaos, but the majority of the Dark Angels were still loyal to the Emperor.
    The merchant escaped from caliban and was intercepted by the Lions forces, but the merchant didn’t give the Lion the message from Zahariel instead he gave his own biased account and told that: Luther had used his skills at oratory to lead the Dark Angels under his command to the path of Chaos, instilling his own feelings of jealousy and rage in the Dark Angels who had been left on Caliban during the Great Crusade. Luther had convinced them that they had been shamed, that the Emperor had turned his face from them. While Jonson and those Space Marines who had gone with him battled for humanity light years away, Luther’s feelings of anger and jealousy had grown within him like a corrupting canker until they were his only purpose and driving motivation. Luther was now a man obsessed, whose own neuroses had pushed him over the edge and made him dangerous beyond imagining.

    The watchers in the dark asked Zahariel to meet then in one of the chambers deep in the hart of the fortress monastery, once inside the chamber the door locked behind him.
    Knowing that one surgical strike was all that was needed to end the conflict Lion El’Jonson led an assault on the greatest of the monasteries himself. He knew that this was where he would find Luther: and so it was that the two former friends, now mortal enemies, faced each other. Even though the Primarch possessed superhuman powers, the two opponents were equally matched, for Luther’s own, already considerable abilities had been enhanced by the dark gods of Chaos.
    What followed was a fight of titanic proportions during which the two equally-matched adversaries laid blow for blow against each other, tearing down the monastery around them until the whole massive edifice had been levelled by their battle. Meanwhile the massed guns of the fleet carried on pounding the planet, reducing the other fortress monasteries to rubble. The very surface of Caliban began to crack and heave under the strain of the bombardment.
    Zahariel could feel the tremors from the bombardment deep within the fortress, but he was unable to do anything about it, he was banging on the door, shouting “open the door”. But know one answered him.
    As the planet itself began to break apart, the battle between Jonson and Luther reached its climax. Luther, weakened by the long combat, staggered and fell, leaving himself open to a death blow from Jonson’s power sword. But Jonson could not bring himself to strike the fatal blow. As he hesitated, Luther, aided by the powers of Chaos, unleashed a furious psychic assault that knocked Jonson to his knees and left him mortally wounded. But as the dying Primarch struggled to stand, his noble features wracked with pain, it was as if a curtain was lifted from Luther’s eyes and he realised the full extent of what he had done. His was a triple betrayal: of his friend, of the Dark Angels, and of the Emperor. The truth shattered his sanity and he slumped down beside Jonson, no longer willing to fight.
    Luther’s psychic cry of pain and despair echoed through the warp and the Chaos gods realised that, once again, they had been defeated. They lashed out in fury and frustration. A rent appeared in the very fabric of space and a warp storm of unprecedented fury engulfed Caliban. In an uncontrollable, swirling flood of psychic energy the warp rushed into the physical universe. Those ‘fallen’ Dark Angels who had served under Luther and his clandestine masters were sucked from the face of Caliban and scattered throughout space and time. Caliban, already weakened by the loyal Dark Angels’ bombardment, was ripped apart and destroyed, the debris being sucked into the warp.
    The only part of the planet that survived the storm was the huge fortress monastery where Jonson and Luther had fought. Protected by force shields of awesome power the monastery and a huge chunk of the bedrock of Caliban held together. When the storm abated this was all that was left of the once magnificent homeworld of the Dark Angels.
    The Dark Angels flew down to the surface of the rock and gazed about them in horror at all that remained of their once beautiful homeworld. The great fortress had been razed to the ground and of all the living things that had once teemed across the face of Caliban only one remained. At the heart of the ruined wasteland the Space Marines found Luther. The warriors were unable to get anything coherent out of the shell of a man who had once been Jonson’s closest friend and second-in-command. Luther just constantly repeated the same word over and over again: the Primarch had been carried away by the Watchers in the Dark and one day he would return to forgive Luther for the terrible sins he had committed. Of the mighty Primarch, Lion El’Jonson, there was no sign.

    Zahariel sat in the corner of the room, it had been quiet for what seemed like forever, then he heard the locks on the door undoing and he got to his feet, and started towards the door, the door opened and in came the watchers Zahariel noticed they where carrying someone, it was shear shock when he realized it was his Primark Lion El’jonson, ‘NO’ he screamed as he fell to his knees, one of the watchers approached him, “do not be alarmed Zahariel” said the watcher. ‘Is he Dead’ asked Zahariel. ‘His body lives’ replied the watcher.
    “His body lives” said Zahariel, getting to his feet “what type of answer is that?”
    “I should have been there, I should have been by his side” said Zahariel
    Another of the watchers approached Zahariel, ‘that is not your destiny, Zahariel’ said the watcher.
    “What are you talking about”?
    The watchers did not answer him they were busy tending to Lion El’jonson.
    Zahariel paused for a few seconds then said, “What is my destiny?”
    The watchers stopped what they were doing and approached Zahariel.
    ‘We will tell you’ they said as one, and with that they started to tell Zahariel what had happened, one by one they stepped forward and spoke about all the thing that had happened, one told of the Emperor’s gift to them, another told of there secret mission given to them by the Emperor, and another told of Horus’s betrayal, and another told about what had happened to Caliban.
    Then one-stepped forward and ‘now to you Zahariel, and the future’ he said.
    “The future, what do you know of the future” Zahariel said.
    ‘We know what is to pass, and you play a large part in the future of mankind’ said the watcher
    The watcher then went on to tell him that because of Horus’s betrayal the space marine legions will be split up into smaller companies containing a maximum of 1000 warriors, this will be so that no one legion will be strong enough to attack Earth again. The worst part though is that the majority of the companies will adhere to a set of rules that will be become known as the index astarties, this book on how to fight a war will serve them well, but when the final battle comes and they face the ancient ones it will make them predictable on the battlefield.
    “What is my part in this watcher?” said Zahariel
    ‘Remember when you agreed to assist us in our goals, whatever they may be.’
    “Yes I remember” said Zahariel
    ‘We want you to find you battle brothers, Zahariel, the warroirs that chaos have scattered throughout the galaxy, it will not be easy, we will be able to find and lead you to them, but it will take a long time, and those worriors that were with the Lion will be hunting you as traitors.’
    “Suppose I do as you say, how will I be able to convince them to even come with me” said Zahariel.
    ‘Take this with you’ said another of the watchers, holding out Lion El’Jonson’s broken sword.
    “Taking the Lion sword might convince them, but what do I say, when they ask me where I got it.” Said Zahariel
    ‘You tell them that the sword is proof that the Lion forgives them for Caliban, and they are required for a secret mission for the Emperor himself’ said the watcher.
    “I’ll do it because I gave you my word, but I have a question,” said Zahariel
    ‘What is it’ said one of the watchers
    “Why do you want all of the marines?” asked Zahariel
    ‘I am afraid even if you collect all of the marines, it will not be enough, you are going to have to do some unthinkable things before your task is done, once you have collected a few of your brothers you will have to acquire some gene seed, so we can create more battle brothers.’
    “You have not answered my question, why so many?” said Zahariel
    ‘We have been tasked with preparing for a battle, even now the ancient ones are slowly waking from their millennia long sleep, and when they are ready they will rise from the sands and make war across the whole of the galaxy.’
    “That’s twice you’ve mentioned the ancient ones and I’ve never even heard of them” said Zahariel
    ‘It is believed that 60 million years ago, one of the first sentient races in the galaxy were called the Old Ones, a peaceful race that travelled the Galaxy seeding planets with life, they met a race called the Necrontyr who was a young race with a great understanding of technology but unfortunately a rather short life span, the Necrontyr were jealous of the old ones long life and went to war with them. But the Necrontyr where no match for the Old Ones and where relegated to the corner of the galaxy, there fury cooled to hatred of all life over the long millennia of isolation. The Necrontyr discovered an even older race, a race of pure energy that was feeding on stars; they called them the star gods (C’Tan in Necrontyr) the C’Tan agreed to help the Necrontyr in it war with the Old Ones. With the C’tan’s help the Necrontyr were able to defeat the Old Ones, and in the process destroyed nearly all living things in the galaxy, unknown to the Necrontyr the C’Tan fed on the life force of living things, and now the only thing left for it to eat was the Necrontyr themselves, so it tricked them by offering them a path to immortality, there cursed flesh would be replaced with living metal, and there discarded husks would be consumed by the C’Tan, Their ruler, the Silent King, took the offer and later realized that his people had lost their souls in the process – becoming the ever-living Necrons, the Silent King turned the full force of the Necrons on the C’Tan and shattered its form into hundreds of pieces, with the C’Tan gone the Necrons felt a weakening of their power. So the Silent King ordered the Necrons to sleep.’
    “So this ancient race your talking about are called Necrons, and they’re made from living metal.” Said Zahariel
    ‘Yes Zahariel, and there sole reason for existing is to kill every living thing in the galaxy.’ said the watcher
    Zahariel paused for a few seconds while what he had been told sank in, the he said.
    “Ok, I’ll help you, but even if I get all of my brothers and manage to acquire gene seed, they wont be any good to you without training and combat experience.”
    ‘Follow me’ said another of the watchers
    They went out through the door and further down into the heart of the rock, they passed under an archway and into a chamber, candles flickered on the walls next to suits of black power armour.
    ‘You cannot go into battle as Dark Angels. You will use these suits of battle armour, and help where you can and whom you can, from the humble Imperial guardsman, and chapters of the astarties to the craft worlds of the Elder. So that all of the Imperium knows you come to help when that help is needed most, you will need to create a legend, a myth, if you like. And then you will be able to unite all the races to drive the Necrons back into the sands of time’ said the watcher
    “How did you manage to get all these suits of armour?” asked Zahariel
    ‘We move freely through the fortress monastery, Zahariel, its easy to pick up a piece of armour here and a piece of armour there’ said the watcher
    Zahariel smiled
    “Why have you painted bones on the armour?” said Zahariel
    ‘The bones cover modification we have made to the armour’ said the watcher
    “What modifications, the adapts on Mars will not be happy with that” said Zahariel
    ‘They have built in modified teleport homers that are hardwired into the suits life support systems, so if the warrior wearing the armour is injured the homer will automatically send the retrieval signal, and the warrior is beamed out.’ Said the watcher
    “When do we start?” said Zahariel
    ‘One more thing before we start, you are the key to the future the code that will unlock the defence of every living thing in the galaxy, you are CYPHER’ said the watcher
    “Zahariel the Dark Angel is no more,” said Cypher

  73. There are a couple of things that trouble me.why does cyther have a skeleton on his chest armour like the legion of the damned.he can come and go the same way they do.plus how did he get the sword?.plus he has no helmet.only robes and very strange power armour.Also for such a so called high ranking dark angel why does he not have armour like Azrael.my last problem is if he can come and go as he pleases and he is a bad guy why has he not help Luther or Astelan escape like he has many times.

  74. I believe that Cypher is the Lion. It fits his M,O. I think he knows that the legion has become so trapped by the hunt, and secrets. I believe this is why Cypher has been stealing the Dark angels secret stores of gene seed as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lord returns with a surprise for the alien, mutant, and witch.

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