The Veteran Vote!

Just how varied a community are we? Personally I have been in the hobby for over 10 years, the majority of that was as a collector. A few years back I began painting, so how about you guys? Time to get your vote on!


Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote. 1 vote for 0 – 2 years, 2 votes for 2 – 5 years, 5 votes for 5 – 10 years, and 12 votes for 10+ years. As you can see, most votes were aiming towards the 10+ side of things, which I think represents the loyalty of Games Workshop customers more than anything, as well as the attraction our hobby has even after so long in the process! This is a great hobby that we have, and it is by far one of the most open ones in regards to the newer guys being welcomed in to the community. Thanks again guys , 73rd.


18 thoughts on “The Veteran Vote!”

  1. I bought my first White Dwarf (No. 204) out of curiosity when I was 8, back in 1997 (during 40k’s 2nd Ed.). So considering I am now at the tender age of 20, it means that I have spent over half my life with GW and 40K in particular. It’s quite shocking when you think about it. The game is rather like having an an old reliable friend.

    Good topic 73rd, I wonder who can take the title for longest serving at 40K?

  2. It is always a friend we can rely on and escape with that’s for sure. I don’t think I actually bought a White Dwarf mag until 2004! I had some of the really old skeleton horsemen and some of the strange looking Chaos warriors all in the same position, just like my old Skaven! Years later I started 40k and this is where I belong. I’m 22 this weekend, and have collected for a little less time than you I’d say Soviet. I wander who can really take the title as the longest standing gamer?! Let’s hear from you all and see if anyone can beat Soviet’s roughly 12 years!

  3. Well looking back On my White Dwarf Collection my First Issue was August 2002, I started collecting a little before that I say maybe in…1999-2000 round that mark. I stopped for about three years but I got into war Machine, then took up 40k again. So I say 9 years I been a Collector, but only 7 1/2 of them were actually Warhammer 40k

  4. Hey Helios, I was unfamiliar with War Machine until I just checked it out. Pretty cool. It’s wierd the effect that 40k has on some of us, me included. It seems that no matter what we do between times, be it other hobbies or similar, we always seem to come back. Thanks for the input Helios Raven, appreciated as always mate!

  5. I think I may be a contender for the title. I first started collecting in 1987 when I bought some WFB Chaos Warriors… My first issue of White Dwarf is #99, with Ultramarines on the cover (I still have it on my bookshelf). 21 years and counting…

  6. You’ve been collecting for as long as I have been alive! I don’t think you are a contender for the title as much as you are most probably the winner. 21 years must have seen a whole load of changes. #99 White Dwarf must have looked pretty different from WD nowadays. Quick question though, if you can remember the old 5 man boxes literally containing 5 models in open topped GW packaging, I was wandering if you could remember their price at the time? No-one has been able to help me find that out and I’m dying to know how much I used to spend!

  7. Sorry, I don’t remember that kind of packaging…

    What I do remember is getting blister packs of 5 metal minis (lead in those days) for prices ranging from $4.50 to $6.

    There was also the famed “Warhammer Fantasy Regiments” box, which contained: 10 Orcs, 10 Wood Elves, 10 Dark Elves, 10 Skaven, and 10 Dwarves, all for the exorbitant price of $22.95.

  8. Ooh I do believe I have seen the aforementioned regiment box. Those were the days aye… or something along those lines buddy haha. £22.95 is so cheap in comparison to nowadays. I think that’s like £14 to me, and for 50 models from Games Workshop that’s not bad at all!

  9. Ok, I just grabbed my magazine, it’s #98, not #99. February 1988, costing 1.25 BP. Some interesting tidbits:

    An ad for the 40k Rogue Trader book for 14.95 BP

    An ad for a Warhammer 40,000 mini called “Imperial Commander” (it’s the first incarnation of Marneus Calgar) costing a whopping 2.50 BP.

    An ad for “Imperial Army” miniatures (read Imperial Guard), costing 2.50 BP for five (your choice of which five, out of a range of 25 different models)

  10. #98 is even more impressive. There is definately some history there… including some great sounding prices! Is that ‘Imperial Commander’ holding a quite unnattractive combat blade by any chance as strangely enough that vintage model rings a bell?! It’s so wierd when looking back at evidence of the history of GW, especially for me as the earliest things I was introduced to were the WFB 5 man boxes, and even then I wasn’t old enough to pay attention to the pricing. It’s strange to think that even before then they were experimenting with different models and units, and the same will be said in another 20 years. Those Imperial Army minis sound interesting! What material would they have been made out of do you know? Thanks for sharing that info Darkwing, it’s much appreciated my friend

  11. The “Imperial Commander” shows an bare-headed ultramarine with two powerfists sitting on a throne/command chair, with a cloak and helmet on a rack behind him. Standing behind the throne is another space marine with a bolter, standing like a bodyguard.

    The “Imperial Army” minis were almost certainly made of lead. Each one is actually identified by name, e.g., “Trooper Smith”, rather than a product code number.

  12. Wow now that is so cool. 25 individual names would make for a hell of a characterised army. With Guard armies now though the player would need a note book to remember all the names of his individual guys! I have seen a few pics of these really old lead models and I honestly think that although their quality would be nowhere near the quality we have now on our models, they would still sell like hot cakes due to the fact that many of them would be great as pieces of scenery such as statues, fallen soldiers etc. I will have to check out that Ultramarine on the throne!

  13. Started playing with ‘Space Marine’ (Epic) in the early 90s then got into 2nd Ed. I had a 15000pt Epic Space Marine army(!) – back when you could buy 6 Warlord titans for £15 from mail order. Even now, I’ve still a couple of the old bits hanging around. I think you could also buy 3 rhinos (Mk1) for £15, if memory serves.

    I was a HUGE fan of the RTB-01 ‘beaky’ marines, and still love the beaky helmets now. Don’t miss the old-style missile launchers, though! My ‘Shadow Wolves’ army was pretty big, and as you could could have loads of ‘allies’ in 2nd, I had the pick from each good(-ish) army: squat bikers (trikers) and strategists, eldar scouts, cyclone terminators (with 12″ blasts!), assassins and even two inquisitors – one in terminator armour, and one on a horse! Ahh…what you’ll do to sell-out and win as a teenager…

    I have some very old WDs at home (that I think I borrowed from a mate as a teenager) which are fantastic – they still have roleplaying rules and ‘Dark Future’ stuff.

    My favourite article was how to convert Mk1 landraider + Mk1 rhino into a terminator ‘Spartan’ variant of the landraider.


  14. Now that’s an awesome collection Drax! I remember having a box of Eldar for Epic I think. I still have a few of the tincy little fellas. Looking back at that sort of stuff and we can see just how it all influenced the stuff in the present. One thing I think is a shame though, well 2 things after last night… The first being the removal of those little squat fellas. I still think they would make a great addition to an Imperial Force, and I know they can still be purchased as pieces making up a squad, but an entire army of the little guys would make for one of the most character-fueled games I’m sure. The second being the that 12″ blast template for the Cyclone Missile Launcher! I could have done with a dinner plate sized explosive right about the time your guard decide to reload. What did that Dark Future business involve then? Or was it a storyline GW were following whilst they progressed 40k?

  15. Drax: I know that spartan conversion article you’re talking about–I have that issue somewhere. Those old White Dwarfs had lots of neat articles showing you how to convert the old Rhino and Land Raider kits into lots of neat stuff. I also remember the article converting the Rhino to a “Sabre Tank Destroyer”, among others.

  16. I wish there were updates of these classic vehicles. I think they’d go nicely with all the new stuff like the Redeemer for example!

  17. Little late to the party, but still here!

    My first WD (purchased with my first load of mini crack) was US Issue 165… seeing as the GW website is advertising #348, that means Ive been playing for roughly 183 months, so over 15 years. I feel old now… not quite as old as Darkwing though. 😉

  18. Hey Ryan,

    now that is a pretty impressive run-time! It’s comforting to know that for every 10 new players, there is still an individual Veteran to guide them in the right direction! Thanks for the comment mate!

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