Dark Angels Razorback

Hey guys,

I recently completed work on my Dark Angels Razorback. Now if I’m honest, I still think that the Razorback kit is just a cheap way for Games Workshop to get a bit more of our pennies for a bit more plastic. So I have beaten the system! I purchased a Rhino, yes  a Rhino. Then I took the necessary pieces from an unused Terminus Pattern Land Raider that I had going spare. Voila! A Razorback transport for my veteran squad. Same techniques and colours as used for my veterans, and I actually really enjoyed putting this fella together. I left the top weapon unglued as well as the rear door, and all of the Dark Angels parts are from the DA veterans box and the Ravenwing set. Please feel free to check the images and let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!



8 thoughts on “Dark Angels Razorback”

  1. I did the same as you, not gluing the weapon so I can use the Terminus as a normal landraider or Terminus and the razor as a rhino or a razor with 2 weapon options (assuming my opponent will let me pretend that the Terminus’s single lascannons aren’t there).

  2. Hey guys!

    @ Mike – Thank you very much my friend, I try to give my models a certain animated feel whilst trying to retain the gritty gothic feel of the 41st Millenium! I’m glad you like them.

    @ Gamers World – I’m glad I’m not alone in that idea, it makes so much more sense to use up as many spare parts for these different models especially in your case where you practically have 4 tanks that you can chop and change between. It’s just lucky that all lascannons are the same size I reckon!

  3. Grand – thanks.

    I’ve said it before I know, but I love the crispness of your painting. I especially like the inside detailing – it makes all the difference, sometimes, eh?

    – Drax.

  4. Great work 73rd! I love seeing armies slowly growing on blogs and forums and yours is one I’m enjoying a lot!

    Although I wouldn’t have thought of word if you hadn’t said it, animated is a good way to describe your effect. But your right, its not overboard, and works really well. I especially like how the control panel on the inside is done (and points for effort, I glued my Rhino shut to make life easier!).

    Also, your Bleached Bones looks really smooth, any tips on how you do it for your models?

  5. @ Drax – Thank you very much! I wish I could paint a bit of grime and rust on to my models but I actually find it hard deciding how to go about it! Compliments appreciated as always bud!

    @ Soviet – Thank you very much, I am enjoying putting my army together so I’m glad you are enjoying the progress! I did contemplate glueing the doors shut just to save effort, but I know that I would have hated myself for it in the long run as I can’t help but put a paintbrush to detail. As for the bleached bone, that is actually the highlight so I guess that my computer screen displays the colour differently for me. The colour itself is kommando khaki followed by a Bleached Bone highlight. Whenever I paint a colour that is a light creme to light brown, I always base coat with Scorched Brown. I then apply a few layers of Graveyard Earth to the basecoat, and once the Graveyard Earth (which I find more annoying to apply due to its wateryness than Skull White) dries, I water down the Kommando Khaki paint and slowly apply it. At first it will be pretty transparent, but after about 4 or 5 layers, maybe less depending on the consistency of water added, it gives a very smooth and clean finish. I did it at first by accident to be honest, but I always find that when colours look too thick, splodge (very good word I know) a bit of it on to a piece of paper and add a small amount of water until it runs smoothly on to the bristles of the brush. Then apply brush strokes in one direction until that layer dries, then the opposite direction i.e horizontal and vertical. That generally fills in any gaps in the paint. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for stopping by guys!

  6. Wow I really enjo just looking at your models, the heavy highlighting makes me feel like I’m Looking at a Illustration on every piece of the razor back espically the inside. Can’t really put in to words all i leave you with is…..Spectacular-comic-bookiness-fluid-paint-y-feeling-greatness painty….. yeah….

  7. Now that is an awesome compliment if ever I read one! Thanks so much mate, it’s really nice to hear something like that. I’m currently doing a project for someone using my same painting techniques as they said they like the whole animated feel of my stuff. Will post pics as soon as it’s done. I’m glad you enjoy stopping by and checking it all out and thanks for the comment!

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