My New Warhammer Blog – Wood Elves

Hey all,

Just to let anyone who’s interested know that I have started a new blog. I felt like a change from the flying bullets and sound of chainswords and opted to delve in to the world of Warhammer. I am starting a new Wood Elf army, and that’s what my new blog is about. Please feel free to pay it a visit, but we warned, it’s pretty basic right now but I’m hoping to cover painting, modelling, conversions, tactics etc as time progresses. Juggling two blogs you ask? Crazy you yell? Well I am hoping to balance both blogs to allow for more regular updates for 40k and Fantasy. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY NEW BLOG!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thanks for stopping by,


6 thoughts on “My New Warhammer Blog – Wood Elves”

  1. Thanks very much mate, I had a wierd feeling that if you were to ever play WFB you would be fielding Empire… Strange that haha. Cheers for stopping by bud!

  2. I’ll agree its very cool, I keep on looking at Bretonnians. Theres something about all those Knights…

    BUT, you’d better not start slacking on the DA. For the Lion! And all that jazz 😛

  3. LOL of course for the Lion! I know what you mean about the Bretonnians. They are just a nice solid looking force and nothing is more fantasy/medieval than Knights of the realm! If only we had the time we could collect every army out there. When I say time I mean MONEY!

  4. Thanks for the link mate, I will definately be paying the site many visits, it looks full of Wood Elf info! I am currently working on my first Glade Guard prototype to work out a fluent colour scheme so expect to see that on my Asrai blog soon

    Thanks for stopping by buddy,


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