Finished Dark Angels Dreadnought

Hey all,

Here is one of my Dreadnoughts finished earlier today. Now I know I have been spending a lot of time on my Wood Elves but felt the need to get on with adding to my Dark Angels army. Now I have a Combat Squad on the sidelines which I started last month, but fancied a bit of a treat this time around with some nice firepower. This just happened to be my first Dreadnought! Now although I have slowly developed my blending technique, I couldn’t do that on this model as it would look different to the extreme highlighting methods that have become a common appearance on the rest of my Dark Angels. Only a small bit of conversion work this time, with the original Assault Cannon removed and replaced by the Assault Cannon from the Ravenwing Bikers boxed set. I prefer the longer appearance of this weapon rather than the short barrels of the original in comparison, and a little bit of cutting and shaping made it fit right in smoothly. I drilled all the holes with a hobby drill and a paper-clip, and luckily it was just the right size. The rest is just like usual, with a few bits and pieces from various Space Marine sprues such as the pieces of parchment and a Dark Angels shin guard from the DA Veterans box.

Any comments or feedback is more than welcome as usual, and thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Finished Dark Angels Dreadnought”

  1. I believe so my friend, but only because I have never read anything to disallow it – ‘Replace Dreadnought Close Combat weapon with Missile Launcher for +10 points’. It doesn’t specifically say anything that I have noticed about removing the attached weapon, but luckily I have only attached the Flamer on this model for appearance and it is magnetised for easy removal! Let me know if I am wrong and if there is a specific rule stating the attached weapon must be removed please so that I can be aware for future battles!

  2. Glad to see you are giving the Dark Angels some attention mate 🙂 As nice as those Wood Elf types are (and they are very nice), its your DA that first won my attention!

    Great work on the Dread – I love the majority Green with Bone scheme on DA vehicles. Its a combo that works so well!

    I also think that your heavier highlight is particularly suited to Marines.They are supposed to stand out after all…

  3. Thanks very much Soviet! For the Lion! I agree about the green and bone colours standing together well. I also think it works great with red and bone like the Blood Ravens, and personally I think it’s the solid contrast bonding with the dull bone that really brings the schemes to life. Although the Wood Elves are appealing with all their bows and arrows, I’m going to lend some time to my Dark Angels now for a game I have coming up in the near future.

    Thanks for stopping by bud!

  4. The stormbolter is part of the close combat weapon(check how it is listed in wargear section) so I believe the heavy flamer would be also. It would therefore be lost in the exchange for the missiles.

    Nice looking model. I like the purity seals on the power plant.

  5. Ah I do believe you are right! Thanks for letting me know mate, fortunately I can unclip the magnet but if you hadn’t told me it could have resulted in a few embaressing moments before a battle for me!

    Thanks, I always think that purity seals and pieces of parchment add to the feel of the Dark Angels, so I’m glad they come across well! Thanks for stopping by again bud!

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