Razorback Detail

Razorback DetailI recently got to work on a bit more detailing, this time on my Razorback and wanted to try another attempt at freehand painting. As this Razorback will be used for my Veterans Squad I wanted to add something a little more honouring than a standard symbol, and opted for an Iron Halo painted on to the back door of the Razorback. I did originally want to paint the icon gold, but I dislike adding more colours to my usual pallette, so opted for a base-coat of Vallejo Luminous Yellow, then a few layers of Kommando Khaki before highlighting with Dheneb Stone. I made sure to leave some yellow at certain angles as it gives a brighter appearance when looking over it quickly or from a distance, and almost makes it appear to reflect light as if the icon itself is protruding from the surface. The circle was made by cutting a piece of paper and sticking it in the centre with a bit of blue-tac before painting around it and then removing it to add the details. I am planning on adding a whole lot more freehand designs on to my models to really make them stand out but need a lot more practice at freehand painting before I’m comfortable!

Hope you enjoyed reading this little update and thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Razorback Detail”

  1. Hey Jabber, no prob, I think that without the paper circle my freehand skills would have resulted in a very square shaped Iron Halo!

    Thanks for stopping by mate

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