Razorback Detail Update

Razorback DetailJust a quick update on the detailing I have been adding to my Veteran’s Razorback. Please click the image for a closeup, and any feedback is greatly recieved, so please feel free to comment. Unfortunately the camera I am using is struggling to provide the proper colours, but the blotchy effect is just a trick of the lens. The red is actually very matte and solid with lighter reds for highlighting, and finishing with a mild orange edge highlight. All of these are from the Vallejo paints range, numbers 030, 031, 033 and the orange 130. I’m enjoying this freehand painting! The skull idea I took from the image of an Elite unit symbol but added the lower jaw just to balance the position of the skull.

Hope you like my progress, and thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Razorback Detail Update”

  1. you posted on another’s blog that you didn’t know where to get magnets.

    Try KJMagnetics, they’re an online store with a huge selection of cheap, small magnets of different sizes. It’s like 5.oo bucks US for 25 magnets that would be strong enough to hold metal arms in place on a space marine, for instance (so that they don’t drop from the weight of their guns or whatever).

  2. Awesome thanks for the info – I just checked out their neodymium magnets and they have a few shapes that are exactly what I’m looking for.

    Thanks very much again!

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