40k Scenery – Ruins

*UPDATE* – New image added for height comparison between terrain and one of my own Dark Angel space marines.

Hey all,

I just finished off my next project this morning, and what better to start the week than putting it up for all to see. My main inspiration for this project was a recent post from MasterDarkSol at All Things 40k in which he created some custom Eldar objectives for use in games of 40k. After viewing this, I decided that I wanted my own objective that would be small enough to move around from battle to battle with my army, but big enough to act as a centrepiece on my gaming boards.

What I came up with was a set of ruins, and rather than going my obvious way about it and dedicating it to my Dark Angels with an icon or two, I chose to leave its origin as much of a guess as the next person. Therefore I opted for a simple set of ruined pillars that over time had been scarred by battle and ravaged by wild ivy. The pieces I used were the following:

– Ready made pillars (cut and shaped to look damaged and beaten) from a local pet store selling accessories for fish tanks.
– Several pieces of wet stone gathered from my neighbours pond.
– Leaf litter from www.barrule.com to create the ivy and piles of leaves.

Now when making this piece, I wanted to keep it clear as mentioned earlier of any icons or items that would lead to its origin being revealed. In doing so, I was hoping for the effect of simply a set of ruins that lay destroyed at the hands of countless battles, but that has a history that could even be the burial ground of a long lost artifact just out of reach of the Imperium. Of course with a piece of scenery like this, any number of scenarios could be considered when creating a battle, so buy leaving the objective open for suggestions it could allow for many a varied game. I positioned all of my materials with blue-tac beforehand until finally deciding how I wanted the piece of terrain to look and glueing it to a piece of pre-cut 6mm MDF board.

On to painting… The entire model was basecoated with my personal favourite Black from Vallejo paints, number 169 for anyone who is interested. This black, as I have mentioned in previous posts, provides much more of a matte effect than Chaos Black does, and I have come to enjoy using it for this fact. I next drybrushed Adeptus Battlegrey over the entire piece, followed by Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey. A final highlight of Skull White was added sparingly to the sharpest edges of the rocks and columns. Once this had all dried, I then went on to the next step… The most tiresome job I think I have ever undertaken and not been paid for, but fun nonetheless; the leaves! Each leaf was glued on individually using PVA glue. Yes you heard that right, every single tiny little leaf was glued to represent the growth of wild ivy, and even the piles of leaves had to be positioned to fit in with my scheme.

Looking at this piece, I guess it could also be used for games of Warhammer Fantasy due to the lack of any incriminating weaponry, but I only play 40k so there goes that theory!

Let me know what you guys think, any input, advice and suggestions are more than welcome as usual.



6 thoughts on “40k Scenery – Ruins”

  1. Thanks buddy, you’re definately right there, it’s a welcome change of pace to painting countless squads. Then to top it off we can go as wild with the creation as we want and be happy giving our little guys something to fight over!

  2. Thanks for the plug, bro! 🙂

    The ruins look amazing, and I actually really like the decision to leave them ambiguous. They’re more mysterious that way.

    I seriously respect your patience. gluing down individual leaves? Damn…

  3. No prob, it’s thanks to you I had the idea in the first place! The leaves were very long and boring to do, but once I had a pattern I was like a machine haha. Could say I let my machine spirit do the rest!

    Thanks again for the compliments buddy!

  4. Thanks buddy, but I did use really simple techniques that anyone could manage! Hoping to build up a scenery collection to match this fella in the near future too.

    All the best mate

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