Dark Angels Company Master Orilian

Hey all,

I recently managed to complete my converted Company Master for my Dark Angels. This was a really enjoyable project as it involved various pieces from different models, and after some careful deliberation about how to model this fella, I set to work. The pieces I used were the Space Marine Veteran Sergeant from the old SM Veterans boxed set. The power fist came from my Dark Angels Veterans sprue, the combi-melta uses the tip of a meltagun from a standard weapon from the Space Marines Tactical box, and finally the back pack/cape from the Celestine the Living Saint model. I added a thin sheet of paper to the top of his base before applying the sand etc to give him a tiny bit more height, and he is now on the same height as a Terminator, which I feel is very fitting for such an important figure of the Dark Angels. I was extremely pleased with the appearance of the life-blood tubes connected to the cherub’s spines as I tried a new technique there to try and give the effect of blood being pumped throughout their forms and in to their inner mechanics. My usual paint scheme was followed, which brings me to my next topic:

I have recently decided to go in to the business of miniature painting for commision. Now I am not suggesting for a moment that I am an expert painter or close, but as you are aware, I paint a very specific way, and therefore if anyone would like that special character or squad painted using my specific techniques, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the model, colour scheme, details and pricing. As mentioned, I try to paint in a distinct manner when painting my models, and I try and aim for a sort of grimey-animated feel to play a major role. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. As mentioned, details on projects can be discussed depending on the task at hand, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I will also add a separate category dedicated to my commision projects which you can expect to appear somewhere on this site in the near future.

As usual guys, comments and questions are greatly recieved!



14 thoughts on “Dark Angels Company Master Orilian”

  1. Woohoo! Updates!

    And my, what updates! Thats a really really impressive model, truly unique. It’s the simple conversions and a good choice of parts that really make the model. And every time I see your heavy highlighting, I seem to like it more.

    The cherub/cape was a great idea. Could I be exceptionally cheeky and consider stealing the idea for my Belial conversion? I had planned to green stuff a cape, but I’m not a good sculpter and that cape could solve that issue perfectly…

    Either way, great work, anything more on the way?

  2. Hey Soviet!

    Thanks very much mate, I’m really pleased with how this fella finished up! I’ve been doing those heavy highlights for so long now that I would feel wrong without them.

    That cape mixed with your Belial conversion has already caught my attention so I greatly look forward to seeing that! I bought the cape ages ago when I planned on collecting Black Templars and using it to convert an Emperors Champion as I had seen somewhere before, but luckily I had it spare for this project. Please use it for your own means as I am very intrigued to see how Belial turns out! Quick tip though, the cape slots in to the bump at the back of a standard Space Marine, therefore a bit of tweaking might be needed to fit neatly on to Terminator armour!

    I’ve been concentrating on my single characters recently, and have been working on the Company Master for a good few weeks now, so now that he’s finished up I am thinking about either a dreadnought with conversions, perhaps even a Mortis pattern for us Dark Angel players, or getting started on my combat squads. Although I’d love to get started on my Ravenwing… AH THERE ARE SO MANY IDEAS!

    Thanks for stopping by buddy!

  3. Stunning. Simply awesome idea and carried through with aplomb. Let’s see more of the same, mate!

    Oh, and I don’t suppose you fancy painting up 160 guard infantry, perchance? There’s a pint in it for you…

    Cheers for sharing,

    – Drax

  4. Hey Drax!

    Thanks very much indeed. Sure thing, I want the pint upfront though so that I can drown as many of your little fellas in it as possible haha!

    Thanks for stopping by mate!

  5. Hey Sani!

    Thanks very much for the comment, to be honest I saw the cape on the Saint Celestine model from Games Workshop and thought that it would have a whole load of uses on many different models. Now when I decided to make my Company Master, I realised his model didn’t have much material on it which I like to include on all of my Veteran models and especially their Commander. So I went in to my bitz box and tried the cape on him and it looked like it was supposed to be there! I’m glad you like it mate!

    Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Ahhh You put my Captains and Squad leaders to shame, now they all feel that they should look that f-ing fantastic.
    Someday I wanna paint pretty like that. The simple ideas are usually the best out there.

  7. Hey Barjack, I just recognised your name from your blog haha. Your stuff is brilliant mate, and I’m glad you like my work. I especially like your new Assault Chappy. Your painting is really nice to look over, especially as the colour schemes you use tend to really bring out the griminess of the 40k Universe. Thanks again for stopping by mate, I’ve linked your blog, hope you don’t mind

  8. Nice, I like how you replaced a powerfist with a different powerfist. This is the second dark angel I have seen recently with the cherub cloak. I wonder if there is a way to make the cherubs darker?

  9. Thanks, the Powerfist is from the DA veterans sprue. Ah I assume the other version is Soviet’s over at The Astronomican. His Belial looks awesome with it! Initially I intended the cloak for an Emperor’s Champion conversion as I had seen in White Dwarf, but that was a long time ago and the cape was left in my bitz box for just a conversion like this. I also wanted to paint the Cherubs skin a paler, almost green hue. They would be dead after all, or as close as a servitor-creation is to death, but opted at the last minute for a regular skin colour with a pale flush to try and give them a more humanly feel.

    Thanks for stopping by mate!

  10. brill mate, love the cherubs. my copy of that model’s going to be a raptors tactical sgt. didn’t even realize you swapped the pfist until i saw the comment to that effect.

  11. Thanks very much! Ah I greatly look forward to seeing your Raptor’s Tact. Serg! The Power Fist was a last minute decision before painting – I did like the original arm, but thought that a Dark Angels Power Fist would suit a Company Master much better. Thanks for stopping by mate!

  12. Awesome stuff you’ve got here. I’m definitely going to have to borrow the Dreadnought Assault Cannon idea, and the Company Master looks imposing.

    1. Thanks very much mate I’m glad you like. Please feel free to take thr assault cannon idea, it certainly beats the short stubby version haha. Thanks for stopping by,


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