Master Belial Model Complete

Hi guys,

Time for an update! For those interested in how I created this model, please keep reading, if not then please check out the images above!

I recently completed my Master Belial conversion after having the plan sit on the sidelines for atleast 6 months. This was one of my most enjoyable models to convert and paint, and it involved quite an amount of work!

I decided to use the Terminator Librarian model as Belial’s base, and after some careful planning I set about getting to work on him. I have decided to follow a Games Workshop-esque feel to my conversions by rating their difficulty for me as an average modeller and painter so that most of us can compare! Here is a list of the parts I used:

– Terminator Librarian model

– Dark Angels Storm Shield from the DA Veterans box

– Ravenwing hooded biker head from the Ravenwing box

– A hanging relic from the DA Veterans box

– Deathwing shoulder pad from DA veterans box

– Terminator Thunder Hammer, Feathered Ceremonial Plate and Iron Halo icon all from the Terminator box

Total build time – 1 hour 30 minutes

Total paint time – 4 hours

Difficulty – 3 stars – Filing is a difficult thing to do properly so be sure to use a mask and goggles especially with metal models as the bits go everywhere.

Now I began by attaching a rounded file to my hobby drill and removing any Librarian icons on the model. I then performed one of the most complicated procedures I have ever attempted; I removed the entire librarians head from the body and filed deep enough to fit the new head before smoothing out the entire model. The easiest way I found to do this was to drill a sharp hole in the centre of the librarian’s head and file outwards with a larger filing head until the result is accomplished. I also filed and cut back the top of the psychic hood to make it more Terminator like as this is Belial and not a Librarian! The rest was pretty straight forward, paint scheme was the same as my usual pallette and I sprayed him with matte varnish.

Any comments, questions or feedback is much appreciated and thank you for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Master Belial Model Complete”

  1. Awesome,
    I need to remove a librarians head for a conversion of my own, I didn’t realise it was a librarian until I read the whole post, very unique!

  2. Thanks very much mate! I’m actually glad you said that – I was fearing it retained too much of its Librarian appearance but you have put my mind at rest so thanks again!

  3. Thanks a lot Ron, it certainly is a change from modelling my standing-still models. I used your stuble technique you may have noticed – 3 layers this time around as I wanted him to look like he hadn’t had much time away from battle over the past few days!

  4. Wow.

    That’s a really well-executed conversion. I recognized the terminator librarian right off (having one sitting on the “will get to it when I suck less at painting” shelf in my study) but you managed to make him your own. The paint-job is also well done and looks perfectly DA-ish.

    Well done sir. Well done!

  5. Hello there Crusher! I’m glad you like him, and believe it or not I only just realised that I could have done the same sort of conversion with either the Calgar or Lysander models! Then again using the Librarian model allowed me to place the arms where I wanted and adjust the details so I’m happy!

    As for your painting skills sucking I know that’s not true, it’s just a similar story with those shelf models… Next week…!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thanks very much for the compliment mate!

    Lightning claws are definately my first choice, I’ve magnetised the arms so that when I do get round to painting up some claws I can fit them depending on the situation but I’m sure whatever you do it will look great!

    Thanks for stopping by

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