New Challenge! Calling All Gamers!

Drax's Hobby Pie graph

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73rd's Hobby Pie


Hey everyone,

A change of pace this time. I have recently decided that I am too slow at painting and gaming. This annoys me as there is nothing I enjoy more than finishing a unit, only to realise I need 3 more to be able to form 2 combat squads! So with this in mind, I have decided to do two things, the first is to demonstrate my own Hobby Pie, inspired by WD 355, page 73- which as you will know is my favourite number! You will notice that Camaraderie and Painting/ Modelling are my two favourite topics within our hobby. A recent post by Admiral Drax highlights a few points as to why good sportsmanship and a great sense of humour stop us from becoming sparring partners instead of sociable gamers. Now over time, I have noticed a few fantastic looking blogs popping up in our community, especially recently. It demonstrates just how wide our hobby spreads, and just how much support and encouragement we give to each other. If I go back to when I first created my blog about 22 months ago, I was introduced and inspired by Master Darksol, who runs a fantastic blog as I’m sure you are all aware. Of course I can’t fail to mention Ron over at From The Warp who has steadily grown his blog from a frequently visited site, to a huge resource for any gamer with access to the internet. I wish I could mention every blog out there for their fantastic and individual input in to our community!

Anyway, if you are still reading, you are the type of people who make this community the great joy that it is today, and above is my Hobby Pie as mentioned. If anyone wants to create one and send it in to me I will happily place them alongside each other so that we can all understand each other’s preferences and differences, but now for the fun bit. After a few blogs have started their own ‘Tale of Painter-esque’ approach, I have decided to do the same for anyone who is interested to help us reach our painting and gaming targets. I am hoping to begin this in August to help me expand my 1000 point Dark Angel Force in to a 2500 point army. Please let me know if you are interested in taking part in the defiantly named  ‘A Tale Of Even More 40k Painters’, as so far we have myself and another blog member on board, and you can expect challenges, deadlines and time limits to make sure that we do our best to get on with our armies, as well as a bit of competition between each other with points and aims to accomplish. This may be the perfect oppurtunity to start that all new army, or expand on one.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post, a change of pace for me as mentioned, but you can expect a few more models to be painted in the coming weeks!



19 thoughts on “New Challenge! Calling All Gamers!”

  1. Hey mate, I would be more than up for a Tale of Painters challenge! I so getting out of a hectic period that has seen my blog die a bit of a death, and this would be a great route back into it.

    Are you planning on doing 1500pts forces for the ToP? A friend and I have just decided to start playing Epic 40k, so I might do a 3000pt epic force for the challenge, and just double your targets. Give us an email if you want a hand organising or anything!

  2. Hey Soviet! Glad to see you back in the action. Brilliant, that sounds like a great idea. I’m hoping to bulk my DA up by about 1500-2000 points over the approaching months for the ToP so your Epic 40k idea sounds fantastic. I will gladly take you up on your offer of help too mate so expect an email from me sometime next week and we can go about organising.

    Thanks again mate, this should be a fun few months ahead!

  3. Sounds like a great idea. I’m working on a bunch of things at once, as it helps stave off burnout, so I don’t know if I’d have any definitive targets. but I’d like to participate at least in terms of keeping me motivated.

  4. Great stuff mate, I’m working on getting the ball rolling but for everyone interested I will be emailing the details sometime in the next few weeks. You are right though, it is a good excuse to keep motivated, especially if you have a lot of projects to juggle!

    Speak to you soon my friend

  5. I may be interested in this, even though I’m sure I’ll fail if I do participate. If I’m making a Daemon army for WFB, can we just pretend it’s for W40K so that I can join in on the fun?

    Please don’t hate the square-baser!

  6. heh not to worry this is open to everyone, I am a square baser myself! We can consider it a ‘Tale Of Even More Painters’. Don’t worry about failing either, chances are we will all fall behind at some point but that’s why I think it’s great if we do it as a group for the extra support.

    I am finalising the details so expect an email from me in the new future mate and once everyone is up to date we can begin our new ventures!

    All the best

  7. I’ve got a 2200 point DA army, all told, but almost all of them are still plastic gray. Some of them have at least been basecoated black, and a couple I’ve even got the DA green on them- but I need some serious motivation to keep painting at this point. Like Darkwing posted above, this sort of thing might keep me going through the dull points- like basecoating the 40 or so tactical marines.

  8. Brilliant! Well if you are in too Wyatt, we have 6 people including myself so more than enough to begin the challenge. Everyone who has opted for this can expect an email from me in the coming week so stay tuned mate, 2200 points of DA will be done before you know it! I find that with marines I do them in combat squads, or atleast I intend to. Massed numbers seem to overwhelm me, hence choosing marines, but even 5 a squad is becoming a chore so this oppurtunity may help us all out a lot!

    I will be in contact soon my friend,


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