The Tale Of Even More Painters!

For those interested, the Tale Of Even More Painters, or TOEMP page is open, you can find it straight up^^^.

Or you can just click here.

The time is almost upon us to begin this challenge, so keep checking our page to see the progress and if anyone is interested in joining just leave a message and I will get in touch. This may be the perfect opportunity to start that new army or expand a current one, with the company of fellow painters/gamers for encouragement so feel free to join in on the fun. Over the coming months the page will grow and I will be featuring our progress as well as an overall point count and awards earned, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “The Tale Of Even More Painters!”

  1. Thanks for the comment mate. 🙂

    Aye, I’d join but I’m actually already supposed to be in a Fantasy ToP. It’s just not going my way at the minute. XD

    Decent blog btw. Some nice looking models. 🙂


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