TOEMP First Deadline Met!



I have finished my first challenge! I can honestly say I nearly missed the deadline, and what makes it worse is that I created the deadline! Here is my first finished combat squad for my Dark Angels. Excuse the rough-ish pictures, I have had to weigh the paper down with some well-used blutac as the temperature is too high to not have every fan running!

Painting Points:
5 Foot Sloggers – 5 points
Icons – 1 point each = 5 points
Lenses – 1 point each = 5 points
Meeting deadline – 2 points
Finishing with atleast 24 hours to spare – 2 points

TOTAL – 19 points

Could those of us involved in the TOEMP kindly email me their favourite picture of their completed minis via email so that I can publish them to be voted on as the ‘Best Of Show’ for this challenge. 

Next deadline will be announced shortly via email guys, and Trophies will be issued at the same time.


11 thoughts on “TOEMP First Deadline Met!”

  1. Awesome work, and I’m glad to see you reached your own deadline – I would have been most unimpressed if you hadn’t! I’m likeing the red on the helmet piping – it really ‘pops’ nicely.

    A quick question, we have until tomorrow to submit the first deadline yes? I’m hoping to finish off enough epic models tomorrow evening to reach the deadline, if I submit some photos by late evening, will I be able to get into the group post on here? Please say yes!

    Cheers mate!

  2. Hey bud!

    Thanks very much for the compliments, I’m glad you like the red piping, it was actually a mistake – they were meant to be grey!

    And of course tomorrow will be fine to submit mate so nothing to worry about there:) Charge your camera!!

    I look forward to seeing what you have been painting up,

    All the best,


  3. Thank god I’ve got tomorrow to get the Hellcannon finished. I was about to say I’m not going to manage to make it but I just might now! 😀

    Anyway, I’ll stop being rude and talk about your minis! The squad looks really good. Nice paint job on them. I particularly like the marine on the rock. I was trying to decide whether he was running or jumping but I’ve decided he’s leaping backwards from the rock, twisting in mid air and blasting the hell out of some Xeno scum with his bolter as he falls back. Was that the idea? 😀

  4. Hey guys!

    @ Elazar – Exactly. Spot on. That covers my precise thoughts! Thanks for the compliments – It isn’t often I try and pose my minis but I just had to give it a go this time round. The most difficult thing was to get the single foot to stick properly to the piece of slate. That may have been the sole reason I could have missed the deadline! Good luck for tomorrow mate, I know the cannon will look great!

    @ Drax – Thanks matey, it was your great initiative that made me get straight on with trying to meet this deadline!

  5. OK, I’m going to try to use the following format for all my comments on the TOEMP. If any of the participents do not want me to say what “I dislike” in public, let me know. I’ll sellect only 2 things in the displayed miniatures : the one I like the most and the one I dislike the most. This is meant to give my opinion and (maybe) to help to improve. This is not meant to be rude.

    What I like the most : the bags attached to the jjet packs : nice addition. Add a bit of realism in the spirit of the original rogue traders illustrations.

    What I dislike the most : you’ve not cleaned the mold lines, and this is a shame as the miniature is pretty well painted.

  6. Thanks for the feedback mate, everyone says that to me about the mold lines. I honestly do spend a bit of time drilling barrels and smoothing details but those mold lines always skip my attention!

    All the best

  7. Congratulations! The marines look awesome, man. Very clean paintjob and the poses are really dynamic. As for the mold lines – cleaning them is the least favorite part of the hobby for me. I know it has to be done (it’s like eating your vegetables – it’s good for you, but you still hate it!), and I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it, but I think I’ll also do it grudgingly.

  8. Thanks very much Paul I’m glad you like how they have turned out. I will be back in full swing tomorrow after work with a brand new deadline and challenge for the group so stay tuned mate!

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