TOEMP Best Of Show ShowCase #1

Hey all,

Below is a selection of work from some of us involved in the Tale Of Even More Painters. I did include a poll but noted from a wise blogger that it may be slightly discouraging to some of us so I have removed it and included images of everyone’s work from the group so that you can all see our progress!

Imperial Guard White Shields – Gregory Privat

Imperial Guard + HQ Section – Admiral Drax

Imperial Guard- Soviet Space

Ork Boys – Paul Wu
Picture 033

Dark Angels Combat Squad – 73rd

 Deathwing Squad – Wyatt


Imperial Guard – Max


Howling Griffons – HuronBH

Command Squad – Dnyarak

Hellcannon – Elazar The Glorified


10 thoughts on “TOEMP Best Of Show ShowCase #1”

  1. Oh, come on, don’t make me vote! I think they’re all great, and the last thing I’d want to do is see anyone get discouraged by getting few votes. Great work to all, and I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Hehe, thanks for the comment matey. Don’t worry, only entrants who want to be involved in the best of show have sent their stuff through and even then it isn’t for their work to be criticised, but for everyone to be able to say whos they like the best. Now that you mention it though I do think that a different approach would be nicer. I can see the poll disappearing within the next few minutes mate!

      All the best

  2. Congrats to everyone who finished their models on time (or a day late *harumph*) and to all those who gave it the ol’ college try.

    I’m also a bit uncomfortable with the idea of polls. Since the primary purpose for this friendly challenge is to motivate us all to paint more, I think anything that could be taken as discouraging is probably not a good idea.

    As for trophies, I’d suggest we maybe just award them based on points accumulated per challenge or for meeting the deadline first or what have you.

  3. There ya go Paul I fixed all the comments for you heh

    Thanks for the comments guys, we are all doing great so far so let’s keep it up!

    @ Wyatt – I am just about to go to bed haha!!! Yes it is 7:20am in England but I was on a late shift so what I will do is work out everyone’s points individually when I awake and display them for all to see to act as a HQ for everyone to keep track of how well they/we are doing.

    I can’t wait to show everyone what we all manage to do for the next deadline!

  4. Sorry that I’m late to respond, but I wanted to let you all know what an impressive job you’ve all done. Hopefully I’ll be joining you all in Challenge #2.

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