My First Wolf!

To celebrate the start of my new Space Wolves army and as a late addition to the TOEMP Challenge #7, I present my finally complete Arjac Rockfist! He took me about 10 full hours of painting (made up of atleast 3 weeks of bits and pieces!), and even whilst creating my own version of this legendary character I was most excited about creating a snow-base. There’s something about a snow landscape that really appeals to me, and besides my last Wood Elf, this was an early attempt at using snow texture. I tried to keep Arjac as similar in appearance as his picture from Codex:SW demonstrates, but left the Foe Hammer and Anvil’s Shield in the typical left/right arm pattern rather than switching the hammer to his left hand and shield to the right as his picture shows. I created the Anvil on top of his armour with a Dwarf Standard icon, a hammer tip, and some green stuff. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for stopping by!



8 thoughts on “My First Wolf!”

  1. It looks great! I love the attention you paid to the pic, the anvil, everything. Nice touch on the energy inside the shield, too…

    This was quite a “first wolf” model. I was just going to do a Grey Hunter as my first, but now I think that would make me feel like less of a man. What would Arjac do?


  2. Thanks very much my friend, what a great set of compliments! I decided that I want every single model in my SW’s army to look unique and when I read Arjac’s profile I have to admit I have never been so impressed by a model upgrade. It was either him or a Lone Wolf. I am on to my Grey Hunters next I think, or perhaps some Sky Claws. I can’t wait to see how your Hunter turns out, there is just so much to do with the new bitz I don’t know where to conitnue! I THROW MY HAMMAR! NOW IT IS BACK IN MY FIST I THROW MY HAMMAR AGAIN!

  3. Great job on him! He is a great inspiration for the rest of your army. With the excellent work you did on him, the rest of your army will surely be great looking!

    1. Thanks Dnyarak – I am looking forwards to spending extra time with each model and really hope I can give as much effort this time around, thank you for the encouragement my friend!

  4. I feel kind of ashamed – after disappearing for the past couple months of the Challenge (I’ve been keeping track by email, though – everyone’s doing great) this guy is just awesome enough to make me comment. How did you get the little bushes? Normally, I’d think they were from the little plastic dish scrubbers, but they look a bit better than I’d imagine those turn out.

    And yeah, I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the challenges, but between the new job and spending all my time with the girlfriend, I haven’t been able to keep everyone appraised of them. My latest project has been my assault squad of Deathwing – very happy with the Sarge’s shield and hammer. Will try and take pictures to have posted of him and my other models I’ve completed.

    Hope the holidays find you all well.

    1. Hey Wyatt!

      Great to hear from you my friend, glad you are doing well, and glad to hear you are doing well with the Deathwing progress. I did have a thought that you were busy after hearing about your previous interview I just assumed you’d got the job and was being worked like a maniac lol!

      Ah the bushes are made from lichen which can be purchased at most hobby stores, regularly referred to as ‘model railway lichen’ or ‘hobby lichen’. Nice and cheap too depending on where you buy, but I’m glad you like how mine turned out. I’d like to see how your Sarge looks mate, assaulty Deathwing always interest me as they are just fantastic at it, so I really look forward to seeing any pics you manage to get of your completed work – it will be great to see how you have been doing with progress over the past few months,

      All the best buddy and thanks for stopping by!

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