My Skeleton Warriors

I can’t remember posting these guys up before, but if I did then oops! Here’s a quick few snaps of my skeleton warriors and my converted Vampire Lord using parts from the Dark Elf Corsair box and a couple of other pieces. I filed every single flipping scale off of the back of the cape which took several hours. Although I don’t use this fella anymore, he’s made a decent Dreadlord for my son’s Dark Elf host. I’m really diving back in to Warhammer Fantasy and I currently have roughly 1500 points of my Vampire Count army put together.IMAG5661 IMAG5663 IMAG5670 IMAG5671


2 thoughts on “My Skeleton Warriors”

  1. That is some impressive work. I’m always amazed by fantastic units done well, because it’s soooo many guys in that movement tray!

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