A Tale Of Even More Painters!


Welcome to the Tale Of Even More Painters, or the TOEMP page.

Recently, a group of like-minded bloggers, including myself, have decided to embark up on our own painting challenge and set about creating the TOEMP group. So far we number 13, and will be taking part in challenges, trying to meet deadlines, and support each other as we create or expand our armies.

Unlike other Tales Of Painters, we occupy a broader range of miniature painting, ranging from 40k, to WFB all the way to Epic 40k!

If you would like to join the TOEMP and take part in our challenges to perhaps find the initiative to get that last 1000 points finished, or start a brand new army, please leave a message here and I will contact you via the email address you provide.

Here are the brave individuals and a link to their great blogs where I’m sure over the coming months you will notice their progress being documented for all to see:

Below are the rules and guidelines for the TOEMP:

Challenges are set dependant on Codex/ Army book points. So a challenge of 100 points of models means to paint 100 points worth of models from their Codex/ Army book. The painting points are then worked out depending on what has been done for the challenge, for example 1 painting point for a Space Marine, 5 painting points for 5 of them.

First Deadline – 17th August. An informal welcome/warmup to the TOEMP. 75+ points of troop models from codex or army book.

Second Deadline – 27th August. 125+ points of Elites/Special, Heavy/ Rare.

Third Deadline – 6th August. No point limit – Create/ Convert a special character with a data sheet profile or put together a fast attack/ special unit choice.

Standard Painting Points
Foot Sloggers (25mm bases) – 1 point each
Bikes/ Cavalry, Large (40mm bases) – 2 points each
Walkers/ Creatures – 5 points each
Vehicles/ Chariots/ Large Monsters – 10 points each
Please base these points on the model’s base size or overall size.
Icons/ Symbols/ Marks – 1 point per model
Eyes/ Lenses/ View Finders – 1 point per model
Walker/ Large Monsters/ Vehicles/ Chariots Details (accessories) and Freehand – 5 points per model
Meeting Deadline – 2 points
Beating Deadline by atleast 24 hours – 2 points
Missing Deadline –  -3 points
Now that covers the points, here are a few benefits:
The Joker Card – Each painter has one of these and it entitles them to skip a single deadline. Can be used to extend time for that special unit but use it wisely. If used, the -3 points for missing a deadline isn’t deducted.
The Assault Card – These can be used every deadline and entitle the user to an award (to be confirmed). The Assault Card represents painting more points than required in the schedule. This must be by atleast 50% (150 points in a 100 point target for example). This card may only be played a maximum of twice per deadline, allowing the individual to claim two cards each with 2 tallies. For example, painting 200 points for a 100 point deadline means a further 100% target has been met, and 2 Assault cards may be claimed totalling 4 tallies. No more than 2 cards may be used no matter the point difference. Each time an Assault Card is played the individual may collect 2 tallies (sub-points) to go towards a title from the list below that should be displayed throughout the TOEMP – the more you have the better you are doing:
Speed Painter – 1 Tally
Perfectionist – 2 Tallies
Lord of Time – 3 Tallies
Master of Time – 5 Tallies
The Accomplisher – 6 Tallies

Trophies Available for 17th August:

1st Come 1st Serve – 1st to finish for the deadline
Deadline Destroyer – Completed first deadline

Of course these extras aren’t neccessary to take part in the TOEMP, they are more for fun.


27 thoughts on “A Tale Of Even More Painters!”

  1. Hey, my name is Jay, thank you for adding me to your 40K blog List. What is the length of this challenge? I’m currently involved in a few contests currently to paint an army and wouldn’t mind jumping in to you “Tale of even more gamers” also long it would work in conjunction with them. Send me some more detail and I see if I can take part.


  2. Hello – I’d love to toss my hat into the ring as well, though I’m slightly concerned about that 1st deadline that Shrink to Fit posted. As I’ll be attending GenCon Indy from the 12th to the 17th that may put a crimp in my ability to participate (as it seems the 1st deadline is the 17th). In any case, I’d like to say this is a great idea to get people motivated – keep it up!

  3. Quick note- in your initial guidelines, you tell us that the first deadline’s points value is both 75 points and 100 points. I was going to shoot for more than that anyways, but you probably want to clarify that.

  4. Well, I directed here from Admiral Drax’s blog and this sounds like something which would really help me make a dent in my backlog of miniatures. Sign me up! I’m interested.

  5. Hey guys,

    @Mordian – not to worry, I have proposed a solution and emailed it to you as well as the instruction/ introduction email, welcome aboard mate!

    @Wyatt – thanks for letting me know mate, 75 points minimum is the first challenge. Small warm up is probably best to get everyone in the the swing of things.

    @Paul Wu – Consider yourself signed mate, I have emailed you the details and I look forward to working with you and the rest of the group!

    Thanks fellas

    1. Hello Lord Glorified!

      That is fine, but the first deadline for the challenge is for the 17th August!

      I will email you the instructions and add you to our list above mate,

      All the best,


  6. I’d like to toss in my hat as well. I find it more motivation to paint something when I have a goal to meet! I look forward to any challenge you can come up with!

  7. Hey Max, thanks for stopping by!

    You didn’t leave an email for me mate so I can’t send you the group’s information about the TOEMP but this page displays everything you need to get started! If you leave another message with your email entered for just me to see I can send you everything you need. The first deadline is the 17th, which is in 5 days roughly! Only 75+ points of a Troops choice as a warmup before the real challenges commence.

    I look forward to seeing your stuff and have added you to the list above!

    It’s great to have you on board,


  8. Hey guys!

    Thanks for the interest, and sorry for my late reply. Of course you can both still join although I suggest trying to meet the next deadline of the 27th as 3 days may be too soon to do anything. Actually it is two now!

    I will forward you both the details within the next hour,

    All the best,


  9. Hey, posted about week 1 goals. I failed, did not quite get all the details done and to be honest I am not liking how the models are turning out. Please go take a look at my Blog and let me know what you think. Oh well. What is the challenge the next 10 days so I can be sure to get it done.


  10. Hey King,

    That’s great news, I will email you this evening with the details of our next challenge!

    All the best, and welcome to the group,


    1. Hey John,

      Course we have my friend, I will send you an email. We are currently on TOEMP challenge #7 but you are more than welcome to catch up or join in from where we are up to. Shall I send the email to the email address you provided here? Welcome to the group mate

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