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My New Glade Guard Prototype

Hey guys,

The hits on my other website are almost non-existant and I was hoping for a bit of help with a new model I have just put together. If you don’t mind, please head over there and check out my new post and pics! CLICK HERE To access my Wood Elf blog!




My New Warhammer Blog – Wood Elves

Hey all,

Just to let anyone who’s interested know that I have started a new blog. I felt like a change from the flying bullets and sound of chainswords and opted to delve in to the world of Warhammer. I am starting a new Wood Elf army, and that’s what my new blog is about. Please feel free to pay it a visit, but we warned, it’s pretty basic right now but I’m hoping to cover painting, modelling, conversions, tactics etc as time progresses. Juggling two blogs you ask? Crazy you yell? Well I am hoping to balance both blogs to allow for more regular updates for 40k and Fantasy. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY NEW BLOG!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thanks for stopping by,