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SPACE WOLVES DREADNOUGHT and allied Wolves/ Dark Angels

Here’s a recap of my current Dark Angels and Space Wolves force – I haven’t played 40K in a while so I’m not too sure of their points cost but in all honesty I am looking to sell this army soon, as a whole or as individual units.

Also, a close up of my Space Wolf Dreadnought

IMAG6501 IMAG6497 IMAG6496 DSCF4061 DSCF4055 DSCF4049 DSCF4060 DSCF4059 P10105579 dread-angle belial1 Left Monitor


Space Wolf Progress!… Finally!

Hey Guys,

I can’t remember the last time I posted but in all honesty I have been painting so much for my new Space Wolves Army as part of the TOEMP that time has been lost in the Warp. Finally though I have some pictures of my new models. You may notice that I have opted for a different colour scheme than my test model in my previous post and really like the new grey scheme. I wanted to spend plenty of time personalising each model by using various parts, green stuff and freehanding, as we all know the Space Wolves are all individuals and I really enjoyed modelling the Wolf Lord and Sky Claws below. I used paper clips to pose the models, and the pack leader crouched without a paper clip was my attempt at making him look as though he had come crashing out of the sky – breaking rocks beneath his impact. The Vindicator was the first model I painted for this new force and gave me a nice starting point for the colour scheme. In fact I may even begin a new blog as the Wolves are the current direction I am heading in, but enough of my waffle, here are the images:

My First Wolf!

To celebrate the start of my new Space Wolves army and as a late addition to the TOEMP Challenge #7, I present my finally complete Arjac Rockfist! He took me about 10 full hours of painting (made up of atleast 3 weeks of bits and pieces!), and even whilst creating my own version of this legendary character I was most excited about creating a snow-base. There’s something about a snow landscape that really appeals to me, and besides my last Wood Elf, this was an early attempt at using snow texture. I tried to keep Arjac as similar in appearance as his picture from Codex:SW demonstrates, but left the Foe Hammer and Anvil’s Shield in the typical left/right arm pattern rather than switching the hammer to his left hand and shield to the right as his picture shows. I created the Anvil on top of his armour with a Dwarf Standard icon, a hammer tip, and some green stuff. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for stopping by!