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I’m currently 1500 points in to my Vampire Counts army and only just got round to finishing my Vampire Lord. I’ve designed this guy as a close combat monster and he comes to 499 points!

Vampire Lord – 449 

M(6) WS(9) BS(5) S(6) T(5) W(3) I(7) A(5) LD(10) AS(3+)

 Level 2 Wizard

  • Shield
  • Heavy Armour
  • Beguile
  • Aura of Dark Majesty
  • Red Fury
  • Dreadknight
  • Nightshroud
  • Sword of Might
  • Dawnstone

Vampire Lord Back Vampire Lord Front


My Converted Terrorgeist/ Varghulf

I’ve used this guy as both a Terrorgeist and Varghulf and although his size is better suited to a Varghulf, I hated having those converted wings and not being able to use them to fly! So I tried him as a Terrorgeist and now he just feels too small. Maybe I’ll go back to my original intention and use him as a Strigoi Ghoul King with Fly!

The wings are the traditional GW plastic dragon wings and the base for the model is a metal LoTR cave troll with chain. I filed the chain all the way to the hand and then made it look like a spine to mount a grisly trophy on.IMAG5667

My Skeleton Warriors

Believe it or not, in all the years that I’ve been painting miniatures (since 1996), I’ve never completed a full unit. In my younger years, I used to look at the ‘Eavy Metal paint jobs and try to replicate them, only to be disappointed and then switch army and try again!! Fortunately, with age comes wisdom and I now accept my minor skill level.

Here’s the first unit that I’ve ever completed – my Vampire Count Skeleton Warriors. These were painted up before Nagash was on the horizon, but with the option for an Undead Legion in reach, I’ll be adding a unit of archers some time soon I hope.

Skeleton Warriors Skeleton Warriors