Deathwing Honours

Hi all,

I was hoping for a little help with a problem I’m having; I want to add a decal or some sort of marking to my Deathwing Terminator’s right shoulder pads, but I don’t want black. I saw all the useful ideas Drax recieved over on in consideration of his Imperial Guard’s shoulder pads, and I was hoping for some input! Like I said, I’m against using black markings for the pads as it is too much of a contrast with their pale armour, and there is no physical way I could possibly paint the Deathwing symbol properly, which leaves me with transfers! I can’t get hold of the Deathwing Transfer sheet of old easily, but was wandering if anyone knows of any substitute symbols on the space marine transfer sheet, or how to mix and match them to create a convincing Deathwing symbol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I can’t help but think that my first squad are somewhat naked without a mark of honour or rank.



Interrogator-Chaplain Arnaeus

       This is my recently converted Interrogator-Chaplain Arnaeus. The parts used in this conversion are the main terminator interrogator-chaplain body, a thunder hammer from the terminator close combat set, the left storm bolter from the terminator librarian blister, the original right shoulder pad from the interrogator-chaplain, and finally a Dark Angel icon from the Dark Angels Veteran boxed set.

       I under-coated the entire model with Chaos Black and separated the sections into parts; The main body, the left storm bolter arm, and the right arm including thunder hammer handle, shoulder pad, and icon. I began painting the body first, basing the scripts and seals with Graveyard Earth. The holy relics were based with Adeptus Battlegrey foundation,  the seal wax was based with scab red, and the Aquilla symbol was based with Dark Angels Green. The scripts and seals were then highlighted with a watered-down kommando khaki and the seal wax with a 2:1 mix of blood red and scab red. The holy relics were then highlighted with Codex Grey, and the Aquilla with catachan green. I then carefully painted ‘words’ onto the scripts and seals, paying careful attention to the central script where I added some minor details such as the D in a box and winged emblem of the Dark Angels in Dark Angels Green, separating the wings with Camo Green. A final highlight was applied to the relics with Fortress Grey, the skull and chestplate with Bleached Bone ontop of the Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki bases. The green emblems were highlighted with Camo Green and a final drybrush of Goblin Green, and the corners of the armour with Adeptus Battlegrey. A final drybrush of Skull White was applied carefully to the raised edges of the model, such as the seal wax, skull, and emblems.

       The right shoulder pad was removed from the original storm bolter arm and filed down to fit the thunder hammer arm, and painted using the same techniques as above for the different parts painted. The Dark Angels icon was based as above with Dark Angels Green, with a first highlight of Catachan Green, followed by Camo Green, and then drybrushed with Goblin Green. I then attached the main body to the right arm with superglue and begun modelling the left storm bolter arm by drilling the gun’s muzzle for a realistic bullet shoot. The bolter’s casing followed the Graveyard Earth scheme, whilst the metal was painted using the Adeptus Battlegrey, Codex Grey, Fortress grey and Skull White scheme, respectively. The wing symbol followed the Scab Red/ Blood Red mix, and then drybrushed with Skull White. The Crux followed the grey paint scheme. Once completed, this arm was attached to the model and the base was prepared.

       As I want my army to carry the same unity throughout, I didn’t want to over-do the Chaplain’s base simply because he is an HQ, so I based it with sand and a few pieces of small gravel, giving it time to dry. I undercoated it with Graveyard Earth, before drybrushing Kommando Khaki. A final highlight of Bleached Bone was applied before glueing the model in to place and giving it a spray of Matte Varnish for the protection our battle-ready armies need.

       I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t used any inks whatsoever. This is because I like to give my models a drier, more subtle appearance. Any effect in the image that appears to be the cause of using inks is simply the Matte Varnish drying hard and the camera’s flash.

       I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what you guys think!

       All the best, 73rd

Deathwing Terminators – CC Squad

This is my recently completed squad of close combat Terminators. All parts are from the close combat Terminator set, with a Dark Angels icon for the sergeant from the Ravenwing Bikers set. The heads were gathered from various Ravenwing, Veteran and Space Marine boxed sets.

       I decided to paint these models together rather than individually, as although it can seem a weary process, the outcome is a completed squad all finished at the same time. I elected to use Lightning Claws for the entire squad rather than mixing and matching weapon choices, as for gaming purposes twin Lightning Claws provide an extra attack, which can amount to a total of 4 attacks per Terminator when charging (2 basic, 1 extra for claws, 1 extra for charging). Other than these parts, I approached the boxed set knowing that I didn’t want to add extra accessories to show that these are Dark Angels units, but portray the honourable role of Deathwing on the models themselves with colours and markings.

       I began by undercoating the models with Scorched Brown in their individual pieces. I wanted to paint the models separately as to avoid marking a completely glued model with a stray brush stroke. Although this technique is sometimes risky as post-paint glueing can dry awkwardly, I prefer to touch up any mistakes than miss out on detail under hard to reach corners and angles. My first base colour on top of the undercoat was Kommando khaki, which I painted 2/3 layers on to the armour pieces to give a strong bone colour. I elected for this to be my armour’s colour rather than Bleached Bone which I have noticed to be the most commonly accepted colour for the Deathwing as the Khaki gives a duller more death-like tone.

       After painting the armour’s base colour, I applied an Adeptus Battlegrey base to all metal bits (as I’m sure you can tell I’m not too fond of metallic colours, preferring the quieter tones provided whilst highlighting). Wires were based with Dark Angels Green and Scab Red, respectively. Seals were based Graveyard Earth, whilst the seal wax was based with Scab Red, as well as any lights and motion detectors.

       I elected to apply a strong highlight to the armours edges with Dheneb Stone foundation paint, Codex Grey on top of the Adeptus Battlegrey, Desert yellow over the seals, and a 2:1 mix of Scab red and Blood Red, and Catachan Green over the Dark Angels Green. The faces were now drybrushed with Tallarn Flesh foundation paint, and I’m sure you have noticed the lack of helmets on my squad, and this is due to the fact that most Veterans Sergeants do not wear helmets, so I felt it neccessary to portray the fact that Deathwing Terminators are all Veterans and would therefore go to battle with their helmets off.

       A further highlight of Fortress Grey was drybrushed over the Codex Grey, and Camo Green over the Catachan Green. A straight highlight of Blood Red was drybrushed over the red areas, and the seals were given a 2:1 mixed highlight of Kommando Khaki and Skull White. The face was then drybrushed with Elf Flesh, making sure to leave the darker tones in the recesses and wrinkles. A gentle highlight of pure Skull White was drybrushed on to the armour’s edges.

       A final highlight of Skull White picked out details such as teeth, eyes, flesh, and sharp edges of the model. To finish I gave the Sergeant his Dark Angels icon, and slowly added a pupil in each of his eyes for further detail. The bases were given the usual Graveyard Earth undercoat, Kommando Khaki drybrush, followed by Bleached Bone highlights to complete my squad before glueing the finished pieces together and touching up any glue problems.

       Hope you enjoyed reading my painting guidelines and message me with any concerns/comments/queries!

All the best, 73rd.