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The Tax Protest Love Romp in London

It’s not often that I get to check out a great book in between work and play. When I came across the Tax Protest Love Romp in London by new author Lisa McKnight, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was present during the protest (an innocent bystander) so it was a pretty cool concept to hear the story written about in a witty and characterful way. The book itself is a romantic romp that takes place near St Paul’s Cathedral in London. I’ve visited the located many times myself and thanks to this book, I’ll never look at it the same way again!

The book’s story takes place during the Occupy Protest that took place in London in 2011. We get to explore the story of Jill St-Jane as one of her ex lovers; the dashing Baron Chilcote decides to barge in on her fairly balanced life and whisk her off her feet as he did before. That’s where the simplicity of the story was pulled out from under my feet as the story line delves in to a masterpiece of intrigue involving Romanian love rivals, Norwegian businessmen, Bishops, international spies, big earning bankers and protesters.

The whole book is written in such a witty style that it’s hard not to chuckle out loud. There were several times where I had to pretend that someone else had laughed – most of those times while commuting on a busy London tube. It’s not all about the laughs though; the underlying feel of the story is that the romance that blossoms between Jane and the Baron could have actually happened.

By the time I’d finished reading the book, I felt an air of satisfaction unlike anything else that I’ve felt in a long time. It’s not just a book that will be restricted to the UK – it could apply anywhere, especially considering┬áthe sheer amount of protests that are taking place around the world recently.

It’s still strange to think how knowledgeable the author is about London and its goings-on, mostly because she lives in Surrey. This was genuinely such a pleasant book to read, with laughs, romance and everything in between. Feel free to check it out!